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1. What is the only "technical aid" required for knowledge of natural and luna rhythms?
  (a) Compass
  (b) Lunar Calendar
  (c) Telescope
  (d) Drum
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2. The moon has a major affect on our bodies in:
  (a) the waning phase.
  (b) the full phase.
  (c) the waxing phase.
  (d) all of the above.
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3. When are physical operations more successful?
  (a) Waxing Phase - 1st 7 days
  (b) Waning Phase - 1st 7 days
  (c) Waxing Phase - all 14 days
  (d) Waning Phase - all 14 days
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4. Strenuous work should be postponed if possible until:
  (a) the waning phase.
  (b) the waxing phase.
  (c) the New Moon.
  (d) none of the above.
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5. When is the Moon in darkness?
  (a) When it out of our view.
  (b) When its on the other side of the world.
  (c) When its passing between the earth and the sun.
  (d) When its veiled.
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6. Approximately how long during a moon phase can our body build up strength?
  (a) 28 days
  (b) 7 days
  (c) 3 days
  (d) 14 days
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7. The waning moon:
  (a) supplies.
  (b) detoxifies.
  (c) absorbs.
  (d) fulfills.
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8. When is the body's capacity for detoxification at its highest?
  (a) Waning Moon
  (b) New Moon
  (c) Waxing Moon
  (d) Full Moon
a b c d
9. The waxing moon:
  (a) supplies.
  (b) releases.
  (c) flushes out.
  (d) weakens/poisons.
a b c d
10. The full moon is best for:
  (a) fasting.
  (b) healing.
  (c) absorbing.
  (d) all of the above.
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