Choosing a Psychic Reader
by Gail Dettmar

Are you or someone you know considering going to a psychic?
If so then read on for some helpful information
Everyone seems to know about book, television or movie versions of a psychic. There are good, positive, sincere, caring psychics and then there are very dramatic ones, and others that are negative and plain scary, not to mention the charlatans too.

More and more people are seeking the services of a psychic, from the curious to those seriously in need of guidance and advice, or those seeking validation or wanting to know what's in their future. Then there are those who are seeking a psychic spiritual healer or ghost buster.

So how on this earth does someone fid and choose a psychic?

   1. Decide exactly why you want to seek a psychic. Are you just curious? Is there something specific? Are you going through confusion, or at a crossroad, etc.? Make a list of questions you would like guidance on to have available during the reading.

   2. Decide what kind of psychic you want to see. Some psychics are "direct" and just tap into your energy or channel from their and your spirit guides. Others use one of the multitude of divination tools available. What would you be most comfortable with?

   3. How & where to find a psychic? Now the search begins. First remember you are seeking a professional and ethical psychic. Possibly someone you know has a psychic they could recommend. Check local metaphysical and spiritual stores, psychic fairs, healing arts centers, or local publications for advertisements.

   4. Now you found several psychics and wonder how to decide which one to see. Here is where you tap into your own intuition and look at the style of their ad, their picture or watch them in action at a store or fair. Are you drawn to them: Do you feel at ease or uncomfortable? Don't be afraid to ask others who have just gotten a reading how it was? Ask the psychic about their psychic ability, their experience, and any study or special training they have had. During that few minutes, is the psychic open and friendly and willing to take a few minutes to answer your inquiries? Or is the psychic only trying to get you to sit down so she can "read" for you?

   5. Preparing for a reading. Before making your appointment for your reading be sure to ask what their fees are and the length of time the session will be. Ask if you may record the session so you can listen to it later. Ask what you can expect to get from the reading.

                                                                                  Summing it us

What to expect, before and during your session with the chosen psychic:

     -  The fee and length of the session.
     -   A professional, caring, warm. friendly attitude.
     -   Honesty in the information shared.
     -   The communication is clear so you understand and your able to ask any necessary questions you have.
     -   Oath of ethics that the psychic will keep your session confidential.

                                                                                     Beware of:  

   1.  Beware of psychics who tell you that you or your family have a curse on them. They usually ask for a list of items, specific groceries, etc.! Yes, you'd only end up filling their pantry!

   2.  Beware of psychics that tell you all your bad luck, or your curse is due to your monetary attachments. They then ask you to come back again and bring money, jewelry, your car or house title etc. wrapped in a plain white cloth or put in a plain white envelope, so they can do a ritual to remove the "bad mo jo" etc. by destroying the items. They usually only end up switching the items before destroying them. Your free of your monetary things and they now have possession of them!

   3.  Beware if the psychic needs more money because he or she can't get a "clear" focus. The psychic should be able to give you the information you seek without asking for additional money.

   4.  Beware if the psychic does not want the session recorded...ask why? Be satisfied with the answer or cancel the session.
Final Note

Don't be Tricked by a charlatan!

  Remember...not all psychics are 100% accurate,
but they are pretty close to it.
There are so many good psychics out there
and getting a psychic reading should be.....

  A Wonderful Treat!
Copyright © 1986, 2008
Gail Dettmar

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