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Join us in Celebrating the First Harvest

As the Sun reaches 15° Leo, it is time to celebrate the abundance that Mother Earth has offered us this year. For this is a celebration of abundance and fulfillment as we start the grain harvest for the year that carries us through the lean winter months. August is the time to recognize fulfillment of your past year's dreams.

We still celebrate the remnant of this festival at county fairs where farmers display the cream of their crops and animals. Where we gather to dance, play games and celebrate all the Summer's bounty.

Its time to take a bake loaves of bread from the first harvesting of wheat and corn as well as other backed goods such as cakes and pies. A time to look back and see what you have gained in abundance over the past year and what you could do differently to make the next year bring you more success.

Join us as we celebrate at our Fun Fair. I also suggest you take in some of the local celebrations sometime this summer with an eye for what still remains of this festival.


We had a most joyous gathering. Please read on for notes from WinterSky and Papa Druid on this celebration.


Greetings Everyone:

We had a wonderful and beautiful Lughnassadh celebration!

Warning, this is going to be a long one...........................

Here's the gist of the day's events:
About 1:30 AM I was loading the last of the stuff for the gathering into my van when a few raindrops started falling, just a few mind you. It didn't last long. Then off to bed to try and get a few hours sleep. Got up at 5:30 to get any last minute things together I may have forgotten, etc. Didn't look outside at all, but then at 6:30 went to put the last of the things in the van and hear what sounded like heavy rain!!! Oh my, it was pouring up here in the foothills! Seems it had been for a while from the looks of things outside......What to do? WHAT TO DO! Yea, I started to panic :-( Okay, I tell myself, stay calm.....finally I called Teddy in Fair Oaks to see how the weather was there and while trying to get the info from her our phone lines went dead! Hmmmmmm, okay, I realize, this is one of those TESTS I seem to get all the time, like a challenge! So I try calling her back and only get the answering machine, her phone battery is dead. So I decide to take the plunge and go for it, my grandson and I get the last things in the van and head out. Hmmmm, between here and the park it seems to be raining sporadically, light rain, no rain, heavy rain, all the way there! Arriving just before 7:30, it is raining pretty good, not pouring, just a good steady drizzle by then.

Aryel, our faithful High Priest is already there, claimed our location at the park, have both his canopy's set up, and all his stuff unloaded! Teddy had just arrived and was unloading her things, so I knew there were going to be others that would show up :-) Then right behind me Teressa arrived.

We were already behind schedule in getting things set up, it was a little difficult in the rain, not that I haven't don't it like that before. Anyway, the four of us and my grandson started unloading everything and getting all the canopy's stuff set others started arriving and helping it looked like rain or shine we were going to have a decent turn out for our celebration! Yippee!!!! Of course those that know me, know how I stress out I get about everything and so I had to stay true to form and worry and gripe, but in spite of the rain and all the last minute changes etc. all got done, and...............

We had a WONDERFUL celebration!

The turn out was great considering it was pouring in some areas around town and sprinkling in others. The weather cleared up and the Sun made its presence and it didn't get too hot, the weather stayed comfortable.

I soooooo want to thank everyone that attended and especially all those who helped get it organized, set up, worked throughout the event and helped clean up after.......

Although we didn't have the number of children we have had in the past, it went well. They had a great time trying to catch John Barley Corn, and retrieving our Corn Dolly. But alas, they did succeed and we blessed our bounty and the coming harvests. Logar, thank you so much for taking over and running the games area, the kids had a great time.

Travis, you were terrific. Our booth was decorated beautifully and you managed all the kids prizes as well as all the opportunity drawing prizes. Thank you so much for being our John Barley Corn, boy you really run fast, sprinting all over, you really made the kids work hard trying to catch you! Blessings to you and Kristine in your bonding, and thank you for choosing to have your handfasting at our event for all to share in. Magickal Blessings to you both.

Mikki, the Chaplets area was great, what a beautiful job everyone did with making their chaplets, it really added to the festivities. Also, thank you so much for running home and getting all the other things we had forgotten.

Oh, and the Bubbles!!!!!!! Thank you Teddy and Monique for keeping the bubble trays full, it seems that not just the kids were playing there, I saw many of the adults with the Bubble wands too :-)

The kids and adults both enjoyed our Magician John as he kept them mesmerized with all the tricks up his sleeves, he is so amazing to watch. Surely if you have not had the opportunity to see him in action please try to attend some of our Wednesday night gatherings where he is always willing to show his talent. Thank you John for sharing with us all.

To our Juggler, High Priest John, who kept things Juggling, seems it was well enjoyed by many, thank you so much.

Sheryl, what a fabulous job with the Wands/Talking Stick Booth, this always goes over well. The kids really liked hearing the story of the Talking Stick and getting the opportunity to make one for themselves. Great job!

Jen, thank you so much for doing the Prayer Flag and Sun Mask booth. Not sure if you got some of the supplies I had for you, but we were so glad to have you join us this year and hope you come back for next year's event too.

Face Painting???? Had several signed up for this booth area, and I know one of you did make it, I didn't get your name, but I do thank you so much for helping out and doing this area of our event. gosh, thank you so much, seems you were in at least three different places throughout the day! You helped in the drumming area, you managed the God/Goddess Eye booth, and worked the energy booth, doing Reiki as people needed it, not to mention helping everyone else that you could. Also for standing rightly at my side for the handfasting of Travis and Kristine. So I, and all the others I'm sure, thank you for being You. Your position as High Priest is outstanding!

Drum and Music Circle area: John Winger, thank you for leading our drumming for the event, it was outstanding. What a wonderful energy was raised. I wish we had time to do more. Thank you also to everyone who brought their instruments and joined in the raising of energy, who entertained with the wonderful music and singing. The song that was sung of Memory was truly beautiful and we knew that the Spirit of Jann, our member who recently passed to the Summerland was truly with us that day!

Lady Draconis, you were terrific, thank you so much for the wonderful Broom Skit, you looked so cute even with your bristles singed. You had everyone laughing. HA-ZAH!

Janet and John Voris, thank you for managing the recycling area and helping both our environment as well as our Pagan Pride organization with this.

Isina, what a beautiful handfasting of Athena and Amontorin, it was a pleasure to be able to take part in their bonding ceremony of Love. Magickal Blessings Athena and Amontorin.

Carolyn, you were wonderful, you jumped right in and helped where needed, you managed the feasting area, got it all set up and ready for all to eat, you helped in organizing the games area and seemed to just be there where needed. It was so appreciated, thank you and those who helped you.

Michael, Quill and the Grove of the Oak members, thank you all for a very beautiful and special Lughnassadh Ritual. Although I had to sit out of it, I could certainly feel this wonderful energy it raised as it vibrated out and beyond. Especially as the Sun decided to shine its brightest during the ritual :-) Then the Spiral Dance that followed was super, everyone really enjoyed it, it went so smoothly, just flowed with energy and laughter.

Thank you to all of the Grove members for helping in sponsoring this event.

Teressa and Teressa, Sue, Caroline, Gloria, Kathy, Kristine, and all the other volunteers who gave freely of their time and energy in helping make this another successful event and adding your spice to our Cauldron of events. Hugs to you all.

Hmmmm, I know there was more, my list is packed away, I haven't unloaded anything as yet, and I may have left a few people out of the "thank you"s, please forgive me as there were so many volunteers helping everywhere. You were all so appreciated. We have a wonderful Pagan community and its a pleasure to host events that bring us all together in celebration of our Sabbats.

To Janet and John Voris, Another Big Thank You! For the box full of prizes you donated for our event. To Joseph and Melissa of Eternally Yours, for the gift certificate they donated. To my husband, Rusty Joe, for helping me organize, the planning and for not complaining while I purchased many prizes or worked on making them and in the process had the house in a mess while overall getting things ready for our event. I am so blessed to have you.

Unfortunately all of our belly dancers were unable to make it, as were several others who were to have booths, volunteers, and those who wanted to attend but were unable to do to weather or personal reasons, we missed you all, we know we will see you at another event soon, and that you will be able to join us next time, hope all is well, and we send our blessings for you all.

Again please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention any of you, but in events such as this there are many volunteers and its difficult to remember or get Thank You's to all. But all of you out there, that were able to help before, during or after, You Know Who You Are :-) we do appreciate you so very much.

We ended our day's events with a circle to Turn the Wheel, then passed out ears of corn to those who wanted some as offerings of an Abundant Harvest Season!

My final thank you now goes to Aryel, Teddy, Mike, Gloria and Kathy who stubbornly hung around trying to help me pack and load up the last of my things. Yet I am even more stubborn as many of you know, when it comes to packing and loading, I prefer to do it all myself, because of course, I know how it all fits into my van, and believe me, for those who have not seen me at events, I bring everything and cram every available space in my vehicle! I did manage to leave room for me and my grandson to squeeze in :-) and speaking of my grandson, Tommy, I thank you so much for helping me pack up, unload, set up, help during the day, pack up again, you are a great worker. Oh, and Hubby unloaded it all and put it into the garage for me to sort and put away later, and I do mean later, as I am taking several days of rest!

My final word is to give a spiritual hug and blessing to our member Jann who passed over to the Summerland and was not able to be here with us in the physical, at our event. Jann, we did fell your presence and wore our ribbons for you. You will always be in our hearts and your spirit will always be able to soar with us in any and all circles and rituals we do, so you should choose. We Love You Jann, and although we will miss your physical presence, you have touched our hearts and our souls and will remain with us always. Rest peacefully in the arms of the Goddess till your return. Blessed Be.

Magickal Blessings,
And the Ancient Cauldron Coven


And from Papa Druid from Grove of the Oak...


Quill, I read your post to the other Druids who performed the ritual at the community Lughnasa celebration. You spoke of not being modest. On the contrary, I think you were being too modest. Gail told me that the energy raised was so powerful that she could feel it in my cloak that I asked her to hold for me during the spiral dance. After the dance I went to retrieve it, and she asked to hold it for a bit longer. Needless to say, Papa Druid was very proud of his students! Your voices carried, your characters in the play were consistently believable, and the message rang out true and clear. Even the few missteps (that I am certain only we noticed) were covered and moved past the way veterans do, a mark of truly gifted ritualists! And when the faeries injected unexpected elements (like the crossing by that beautiful little child) you never let the energy slip a moment, but rather incorporated all into the flow. You are amazing Druids by any standard! Quill, your power was at one moment sexy and the next most formidable. You managed your parts of the ritual even as you held the various threads together for the weaving. An incredible job, incredible. Caith, you brought Lugh into the material realm with power and dignity. Your voice rang out in the calling of the circle with clarity and strength that was electrifying. Actor, singer, instrumentalist, ritualist -- you seem to be seeking to follow in Lugh's footsteps. And a good start it is. Robert and Lisa, your welcome into the circle with the cleansing and blessing set the stage for a truly powerful experience. You were the foundation of the energy raising, and you constructed a solid foundation indeed. Nice job. Allie, the storytelling was professional yet deeply spiritual, and the harp set a deep and meditative mood. You are Bard extraordinaire. Clare, your energy radiated and carried peace and calm assurance. The mother goddess was certainly with you, and everyone could feel it. In the midst of the sun ritual, you drew down the moon as well. Christian, you were an imposing and believable Nuada, kingly yet calm, strong yet approachable. You did the gods proud. George, your voice has a resonance that cannot help but radiate calm depths and deep wisdom just in its focused sounds. Your spiritual focus made your voice into an amazing ritual tool. What a gift. I was proud to be a part of this ritual, and I hope that there will be many to follow from all of you. The community is richer for your willingness to learn, grow, and share your talents. A mighty Druid ritual it was in every way! Thank you for the honor of working with you. And to the other members of the Grove who attended the Lughnasa event and helped in its planning and execution, thank you. It was a day of love and peace and wisdom and joy. Bryar, Celeste, and Sean, thank you for all the work you did behind the scenes to coordinate the Grove's participation in the Lughnasa Celebration. You freed me up to do other work, and for that I am deeply grateful. Even those who simply came and help the energy, there was a feeling of community that was profound and comforting, and your presence was felt and appreciated. You created the vessel that the "out front" Druids and Witches were able to fill to overflowing. And this was an historic ritual as well, since this was the Sacramento Grove of the Oak's first ritual as a State recognized Non-profit, Tex Exempt 501c3 Religious Corporation! As Renee Evkha would say, "Woo Hoo!" One last note, to those who were unable to join us, especially Renee Denise and Renee Evkha, both facing health challenges, and Robin and Michelle, facing life challenges, please take a bit of the energy that you drew at the well of Lughnasa and send it their way. If I missed any thank you's, please chalk it up to advancing sagedom and not to dearth of love for each of you. You are a community like none other I know. I am humbled and deeply grateful.

With love,
Papa Druid

P.S. The Bay Area folk and those from the north coast who attended were blown away! The Pagans of the Big Valley rock! It was so good to be able to share the joy and wisdom with our brothers and sisters from the coast. Thank you to Jim for his filming of the ritual and festival. I can't wait to see the tape!



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