Sharing the Abundance and Celebrating the 1st Harvest of this year!


Ancient Cauldron's Annual
Lughnassadh Celebration!

Planned Events
How You Can Help

This event was open to Everyone!
Here are some of what the event entailed:
Meeting the Corn King & Queen
Ritual Harvest Blessing and BBQ/Pot Luck
Opportunity Drawing - Magical Quest - Games - Crafts
Drumming - Dancing - Give Away Table & More...

This was a Free Family Event - Dress was casual to Festive!
**Note: This was a family event held in a public park.
No drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed.

Attendee's were asked to Bring
A favorite pot luck dish of food to share or food to cook on the BBQ. Water and/or other drinks. Blanket or lawn chair. Sun screen and bug repellent. Your drums or other percussion instruments. A dollar or two for the opportunity drawing. An item for our 'Give Away Table'.

Give Away Table
We had a "Give Away Table" set up where items were placed were no longer needed or wanted. These items were new or used items that were sure to go home with someone who would use or care for them. Guidelines were posted at the table.

Opportunity Drawing Items
Items were donated by Ancient Cauldron members, some of our local Pagan stores and crafters and from individuals.

This was a free community event and we were seeking volunteers to help in all areas. All proceeds from the opportunity drawing and love donations helped us cover our expenses in hosting the event and our other open community events.

Planned Events

  • A Ritual Harvest Blessing
  • BBQ/Pot Luck.
  • Opportunity Drawing
  • "Give Away Table" of items.
  • Ritual Drumming Circle with dance.
  • Entertainment: To be announced.
  • Magickal Quests. Two separate Quests, one for adults and one for children.
  • Games: Water Balloon Toss, Cotton Ball Race, Welly Wanging, Pinata, and more...
  • Fun and Magickal Crafts: God/Goddess Eye, wands, crowns, amulets, pendulums, manifestation spell and more...
  • Divination and Spiritual Healing: free mini readings, tarot and rune, pendulums, dowsing, Reiki and more...
  • And, of course, a special visit by our Corn King!

How You Can Help

  • A few Volunteers are always needed to help with the feasting area, games and crafts. If you are interested in helping or have a suggestion for a game or craft, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Donate condiments for for the BBQ/Pot Luck, hotdog/hamburger buns, water, sodas, punch, cups, plates, napkins, utensils.
  • Donate a opportunity drawing item or two.
  • Donate craft supplies for the games and crafts such as glue sticks, plain paper, construction paper, fun foam stick ons, yarn, felt, string, cords, colored pipe cleaners, ribbon, flowers, bells, beads, popsicle sticks, 12" dowels, magazines or ads for collages, or anything you feel could be used for crafts.


If you have any questions, items to donate for any of our open events, would like to volunteer, or would like more information about how to host an event of your own, please contact: Gail a.k.a. WinterSky

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