Do You Dare To
Step Through The Veil
Where Spirits Await?

Then step on in and let us share with you our
Samhain Celebration
Feast with the Ancestors

The evening started with our Coven members, students, family, friends and neighbors arriving to celebrate.
Some were already dressed in costume, or festive ritual wear, others arrived with their costume or ritual wear to change into.
Of course some people attending had to make a few trips to carry in all their goodies, like bags of candy, pumpkins, candles, drums, pot luck dish or other items for the evenings festivities.
Each person attending including the children and their families coming by for tricks or treats had to pass through the veils!
The yard was decorated in Pirate theme, Pirates here, there and everywhere!
There was a fire pit burning brightly in the front yard and signs marking the way to the side of the home, leading to the first veil.
Once passing through this veil, you were between the worlds, where some wandering spirits dwell. You had to continue on the path between the worlds until you reached the other veil and passed through to "the other side" (the back yard), where our celebration takes place. Here is where the group gathers, with our Ancestors Altar set up, and a Feasting area for all the wonderful food and drink that everyone brought to share. Another fire pit, center circle and of course lots and lots of decorations, including a special table set up for our visiting "spirits"! Oh and of course the coffin that was set up, well, that sure seemed to be a nice centerpiece for our celebration!
Neighbors and their children had to also cross through the veils to get either their trick or treat, usually both, as our wonderful Magician, Master John of Klose-Up Kapers was there to do his wonderful magic, amazing everyone!
Some of our neighbors have been to our event here before and brought along their own candles to place on our Ancestors Altar, while others were able to light one of the many candles we had available.
We did not get to parade through the streets this year, but we did drum and celebrated regardless.
We had our ritual circle and blessings to our Ancestors and spent the evening visiting with each other and all the children and their family members that stopped by. Of course we also answered many questions pertaining to our celebration, enlightening others who were open enough to seek, to inquire about our "halloween party" as they called it.
What's great about that is, many return each year, looking forward to our event, some who even stay and enjoy the evening celebration with us, some who say they felt so comfortable and finally found others to share with.

We hope you had a wonderful Samhain and that you were able to connect with your loved ones past.

Magickal Blessings,




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Last updated April 8, 2012

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