The world of the "Witch" is an enchanted world. It is being at one with the God/Goddess source and nature. Witchcraft is a religion, practiced by many, usually as a solitary, a person who works within their own energies and connects directly with the source. Others choose to work within a group known as a coven. This choice is the individual's choice alone, to follow the path that feels right and works for them, all the while respecting life and nature. Witches do not proselytize (try to convert others to their religion), this is a religious choice of the individual as stated earlier.

Witches have a "knowingness", as I call it, which draws them into the awareness of their own potential. They are fully responsible for their thoughts and actions. A true Witch will strive for balance and harmony in all they do, and follow what is known as "The Wiccan Rede": "Do what thou will, and ye harm none".

I believe everyone is a "Witch" and everyone "practices Witchcraft" whether or not its what they want to call it. Let me explain:

  • The word "Witch" to many is frightening. To be a "Witch" has been and unfortunately still is today, depicted as a person (usually female, but is either male or female) that is evil. This is not true. A "Witch" is one who is wise and good at their craft, can bend, shape and change things. "Witchcraft" is the name for the spiritual belief of one who lives their life as a Witch and is good at their craft, whatever it may be they are good at.
  • Everyone does or practices "Witchcraft" everyday in their life. We all bend and shape things at our will.
  • Examples: Making a wish as we blow out our birthday candles. Wishing upon a star. Using words (a very powerful tool) or actions to persuade others. To knock on wood. Make the sign of the cross, throw salt over your shoulder, light a candle as a blessing for someone, to change a recipe. Even changing your appearance with special clothes, make up or dying your hair... these are all forms of bending and shaping the energies, things or people around you. This is the Magick in "Witchcraft".

Everyone has the potential to be a good and positive person. Unfortunately some people choose to be selfish, negative or just plain "bad". Everyone makes this personal choice. We all have lessons to learn, as well as to teach. When you are drawn toward "The Craft of the Wise", you are ready to learn and grow as an individual on another spiritual level, thus benefiting the "All". Each of us must grow in stages of our lives. It is also well known that "when a person is ready to learn, the teacher appears". Learning is done at a pace each individual can handle. Choosing the path of the "Wise One" is to grow and learn throughout your life, creating balance and harmony using the gifts of nature as your aid.

In "Witchcraft", all life is respected and is celebrated with "Rites of Passage", changing of the seasons and the cycles of the sun, moon and other planets as they influence our lives.

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