Ancient Cauldron

Ancient Cauldron was founded by our Elder, Gail Dettmar, aka Lady MoonRaven, aka Lady WinterSky, on June 27th, 1995, in El Dorado Hills, California.

The Coven was birthed during the Dark Moon, in ritual, as The Silver Circle (The Silver Wheel and/or The Silver Circle). The ritual was lead by our High Priestess Lady WinterSky and three members: Lady Mayia, Lady Silvered Bear and Lady Oski.

In October of 1998, our computer internet club was formed through the Yahoo clubs/groups section and named Ancient Cauldron. This club allowed us to communicate online, to share our wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences and members were able to use our chat room where we held discussions on many topics of the Craft. Within just a few short months our online club grew to close to 1000 members, many of which were very active. We had members from all over the world.


Qualities and meaning of our coven's name

Ancient: representing the ways of old and the wisdom brought forth through the ages by our "Wise Ones". We provide and preserve our ways and beliefs.

Cauldron: representing the cauldron of wisdom and knowledge and the magickal cauldron of Cerridwen, a Welsh Goddess of Moon, Mother and Initiation. We strive to keep those who seek nourishment, that they may find sustenance in our cauldron when they are in need.


Our coven's mission

To preserve and educate seekers on the ancient ways, providing both individual and group classes for those who seek knowledge of "the craft of the wise" and wish to walk this life path.

To help each individual develop at their own pace, yet be able to share and work in groups, be it in classes, rituals, or other events, as they so desire.

To hold, open to public, educational seminars and events of the ancient ways, and to preserve our religious freedom. We do not try to convert others to our beliefs; we only seek to keep ourselves available to those who seek to communicate and learn about our beliefs.

To hold open gatherings, rituals, celebrations, festivals, and more, to both educate and provide a way for others of like interests to meet.


Since its beginning

Ancient Cauldron has held many open events, from weekly or monthly "Pagans Night Out" events, to major festivals. Ancient Cauldron has also been there to assist other groups and covens with events.

Ancient Cauldron is well known in our Pagan community for its openness and hospitality in greeting everyone to this path, as well as to events. Be it a seeker or just someone passing by the event, members of Ancient Cauldron make people feel comfortable and "at home" around them.

Ancient Cauldron offers teachings, through fact and life experiences, and those teaching continue only as long as the student is willing to learn or until the teachers no longer have anything to teach that student. When a member or student wishes to leave our coven, it is of his or her own free will and no one tries to hold that student back. Everyone must learn to grow, to leave the nest and fly on their own. While some people choose to leave a coven or group to work as a solitary, others wish to go forth and lead their own, and still others are comfortable just staying in the nest.

Four new covens have hived from Ancient Cauldron:
"Ancient Cauldron Covenant of Hecate" - High Priest Aryel Greencraft
"Circle of the Nine Sisters" - High Priestess Jade
"Cauldron of the Sacred Sisters" - High Priestess Tracie
"The Practical Cauldron" - High Priestess Teresa

Ancient Cauldron continues today under the leadership of our Elder, High Priestess Lady WinterSky.




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