Sweeping Out
Rain: Blessings of Nature
Darkness and Light

Ending Strife
Healing Love


Sweeping Out
By WinterSky

(Chant for helping to catch perpetrators of crime and to heal victim's pain)

Sweeping from the inside out
We keep in Good
We cast Bad OUT!

Merry we meet and merry we part
Our circle is cast from the Love from the Heart!

As the wind blows and the energy changes
The cone of power raises and raises.
From small to large and now its GREAT!
The time has come to set things straight:

Father Sky and Mother Earth
God and Goddess gave us birth
And Guardians of the Elements
Above, Below and Within
Hear my call:

We need your help, one and all!
In the dark we call your name
To help our friends and clear their pain!
Protect their families and keep them safe
And heal their wounds as of this date!

Hear our wishes and our thoughts.
Let the bad guys now be caught!
and there shall be no more pain.

Copyright 1998



Rain: Blessings of Nature
By WinterSky

(For rain when needed)

Gather now and do it well
Bring us rain; relieve Earth's pain.

She needs water, here in this space and time
Our Earth is thirsty for Water, not wine!

Bring enough to heal her pain
So she can grow plants and flowers again!

The trees need a drink of water that's clear
To keep them growing throughout the year.

The rivers and streams and creeks all around
Need water to flow so Earth's creatures can abound.
But please God and Goddess
This plea comes with love
No selfish intent, just concerns as above.

Send enough water, no more and no less.
As Is So Our Request!

Copyright 1998


Darkness and Light
By WinterSky

In the darkness
We can find the light

In the light
We can find the darkness

Be a seeker
Be not afraid

Let your fear guide you
Along your way

Use your fear
It's a mighty guide

A gifted sense
To help us survive.

And in the darkness
You will find the light.

And in the light
You will find the darkness

You will survive.
Living healthy and happy
As each day goes by.

Copyright 1998


Ending Strife
By WinterSky

End to clutter,
End to strife.
Remove stagnation from my life.

To the East, Element of Air:
Gentle breeze blow through my rite,
Blow away what is not right.
Bring fresh Air to cleanse the mind
And honest words that I can bind.

End to clutter,
End to strife,
Remove stagnation from my life.

To the South, Element of Fire
Burning flames of my desires
Energize me, help me aspire!
That which is best for me, not just desires.

End to clutter,
End to strife,
End to stagnation in my life.

To the West, Element of Water
That which flows from here to afar.
Wash away, cleanse away impurities
Fulfill me and sustain me please.

End to clutter,
End to strife,
Remove stagnation from my life.

To the North, Element of Earth
Solid foundation to keep us grounded
Provide us grain and wheat for our bread.
As we give you our blessings we bow our head.

End of clutter,
End of strife,
Remove stagnation from my life.

God and Goddess, please heed my call
Help me to stand proud and tall.

Bless me with the strength to succeed
In all that I will ever need.

I End The Clutter In My Life!
I End All My Strife!


And it is SO!
Blessed Be.

Copyright 2003


Healing Love

Gracious Goddess Up Above,
Bless me with your healing love.

Mighty God so strong and true,
Heal my body through and through.

Copyright 2000
by Lynx

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