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Bridghid's Day
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Ancient Ones
By WinterSky

We call to you, Oh, Ancient Ones
Help us touch you as you touch us,
Help us to heal and to create.
Help us to bond.
In your honor we gather.
Blessings to Thee.
As It Is So!
So Mote It Be!


By WinterSky

We call to you, Arachne,
She...who is the first Spider Goddess
She...the Great Weaver
She...who is a teacher of the crafts
She...who was challenged by Athena
She...who teaches us to speak truth in the Spirit of concern and love.
We call to you Arachne.
Help us to weave all thing,
Help us to bond,
In Perfect Love and In Perfect Trust
For the good of all.
So Mote It Be.


By WinterSky

We call to you, Arrianrhod,
The Silver Wheel,
High fruitful mother,
Star Goddess, Sky Goddess,
Goddess of Reincarnation.
She...who is the Full Moon Goddess
She...who is the Keeper of the Circling Silver Wheel of Stars,
A symbol of time or karma.
She...who is the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess,
Goddess of beauty, fertility and reincarnation.
She...who is Honored at the Full Moon.
We call to you, Arrianrhod,
In honor...In this...
The first Full Moon of Spring.
We share this night, under the Full Moon
Of your beauty and the beauty you provide
Of your energies of fertility,
That we may reap what we sow,
In this lifetime and all others.
So Mote It Be.


By WinterSky

We call to you, Bast,
Cat-headed Goddess
Mother of all Cats power and gentle heat of the sunlight
She...lady of the East
She...who is the Goddess of Fire, the Moon,
Childbirth, fertility, pleasure, benevolence, joy and jokes.
She...who is the Goddess of sexual rites, music,
Dance, protection against disease and evil spirits, and warmth.
She...who is Goddess of all animals, intuition,
Healing, generosity, and marriage.
We call to you, Bast.
Help us to bond with your energies.
So Mote It Be!


Bridghid's Day
By WinterSky

'Tis the eve of Candlemas,
Deep and dark is the night.
Now is the time
To call for more light.

Let's begin with candles a-glow.
Calling the Sun, to come melt the snow.

May each new day forward
Bring forth love and light
As days will grow longer
And shorter by night.

'Tis time now, to reflect, on what to reject.
Time to clean out the closets, the corners, and debts.
Time to get rid of the un-needed things,
And to do it all without regrets.

Ready the seeding, start planting a-new:
Good health, wealth and happiness,
And of course all friendships too!

Now sleep well this eve, all comfy and warm.
Wake in the morning, stretch out and yawn.
Greet the new morning, with blessings at dawn.

May your dreams and your wishes
Come quickly your way.
As you give brightest blessings to Brighid,
On this special day!

Copyright 2/2/2000


By WinterSky

We call to you, Brigit
She...who is often called The Triple Brighids
She...known as Three Blessed Ladies of Britain
She...known as The Three Mothers
She...who is called the Poetess
Lady of Power...Lady of Renown
Lady of the Fiery Arrow
She...who had an exclusive female priesthood at Kildare.
She...of the ever-burning sacred fire.
Her Priestesses who number 19
Representing the 19 year cycle of the Celtic "Great Year".
Goddess of fire, fertility, the hearth and all
Feminine arts, crafts, and martial arts.
Goddess of healing, physicians, agriculture,
Inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, love,
Witchcraft, and occult knowledge.
Brigit, we call to you.
Help us to bond with your energies.
So Mote It Be!


The Calling Blessings
By WinterSky

I call forth the Goddess
I ask her presence here
To gently bring her energy
To keep this home clear
To rid all fear
Make this home safe and happy
Throughout this New Year!

I call forth the God
I ask his presence here
To gather all strength
To keep this home clear
To banish all weakness
And make strong all within
Keeping this home protected
From all evil and sin!

May the God and the Goddess
Bring forth Love and Light
To protect this home and family
Each day and each night!

So Mote It Be!

Copyright 10/31/1999


By WinterSky

We call to you Cernunnos,
The Horned God
God of Nature
God of the Underworld and the Astral Plane
The Great Father
He...who is the the Horned God of Fertility
He...who is the God or virility, fertility, animals, physical love, Nature, woodlands.
He...who is the God of reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce and warriors.
He...who is of strength, energy, healing and growth.
We call to you, Cernunnos.
Help us to bond with your energies.
So Mote It Be!

Copyright 10/31/1999


The Crone
By WinterSky

Thy time has come, thy Crone appears.
A title earned, by the coming years.

Three times thirteen comes thirty-nine,
You've now arrived at Croning time!

Wisdom and knowledge, experience learned,
Can now be shared as the Wheel has turned.

From student to teacher,
From Maiden, Mother to Crone.
Thou doth reap what thou has sown.

The time has come, as the setting Sun,
To rest up now --- for the works not done.

For now you must --- more --- journey still,
To teach and guide those who Will...

Seek out the path you have followed long,
As they're beckoned by the Goddess' song.

Share your wisdom as they seek
If they do not ask --- then do not speak!

For on this path, as you well know,
We only reap what we do sow!

Blessed Be to all the Crones,
And to all the Crones to come,
So Mote It Be!

Copyright 2/3/2000


By WinterSky

We call to you, Freya
Lady - Great Goddess
She...who shines over the sea
She...who owns the necklace of Brisingamen
She...who keeps half of the slain warriors in her hall
She...who is the mistress of cats
The Leader of the Valkyries
A shape-shifter and the Sage who inspires all sacred poetry
13 is Her number and Friday Her day.
Goddess of love, beauty, animals, sex, cats,
Gold, wealth, trance, jewelry, wisdom, foresight,
Magick, luck, fertility, long life, the Moon, the Sea,
Death, music, flowers, poetry, writing, protection...
We call to you, Freya...
Help us to bond with your energies
So Mote It Be!


By WinterSky

We call to Lugh
He...who is of the "Long Arm"
He...who is the "Bright One of the skillful hand"
He...who is the Shining One, the Sun God
God of War...A Hero God
He...who is many skilled
He...known as the "fair haired one"
He...known as the "white or shining" one.
He...who is associated with Ravens.
His symbol is the White Stag
He...a carpenter, mason, smith, harpers, poet,
Druid, physician, and goldsmith.
He...of war, magick, commerce, reincarnation,
Lightning, water, arts, crafts, manual arts, journey,
And martial arts.
He...of blacksmiths, poets, harpers, musicians,
Historians, sorcerers, healing, revenge, initiation,
And prophecy.
We call to you, Lugh.
Help us to bond with your energies.
So Mote It Be!


By WinterSky

We call to you Minerva
Virgin Warrior Goddess
Maiden Goddess
Goddess of Women's rights and freedom
She...who is honored with Mars during five days at the Spring Equinox
She...who has the Owl as her Sacred Bird
She...who is patroness of craftsmen,
Especially smiths, weavers, and spinners.
Goddess of protection, writing, music, the sciences,
Sculptors, potters, architects, wisdom, arts, and skills.
She...who is Goddess of renewal, prudence, schools,
Wise counsel, peace, embroidery, horses, oxen, snakes,
Pillars, and trees.
She who is Goddess of medicine.
We call to you Minerva.
Help us to bond with your energies.
So Mote It Be!


By WinterSky

We call to you Sekhmet
The Powerful One
Dark sister of Bast
Lioness-headed Goddess
She...who is the Goddess of the South
She...who is the Lady of the Flames
She...who is the Life-Giver to the Gods
She...who is the Great One of Magic
She...who grants desires
She...who is Goddess of physicians and bone-setters
She...a Great Goddess whom we tread warily and approach with a singleness of purpose.
She...who both heals and destroys.
She...who teaches many lessons.
We call to you Sekhmet
Help us to bond with your energies
For the good of all
So Mote It Be!


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