A Pebble Has Fallen


A Pebble Has Fallen
By WinterSky (September 13, 2001)

Our hearts full of sadness, our thoughts full of prayers,
We lean on each other. We live the despair!

A pebble has fallen, affecting "The All",
As the first wave of shock ripples over us all.

We must stand together. We must stand tall!

A tower was struck. Destruction was seen,
Lives have been lost, others maimed.

Action is taken. Rescue begins.
But little did we know it was not the end.

A tower was struck. Destruction was seen.
More lives have been lost, others maimed.

We gasp in a breath as reality hits!

This was deliberate! This was direct!

Our country was attacked! By terrorists!

Our hearts fill with sadness; our thoughts fill with prayers.
There's anger and rage, but mostly despair.

Looking on in horror, utter disbelief.
At the attack on our country, we sit back and weep.

A toppling tower, right down to the ground.
Screaming people all around.

Debris falling and more lives lost!
How could this be happening? Oh, what a loss!

The next tower falls and again terror rains!
Oh, how awful, the cries and the pains!

The people, the people who did not get out!
The people below and all about,
Even rescuers and volunteers,
Engulfed in the rubble of the two towering tiers.

We ask, how could this happen? So many lives lost.
When again an announcement, another attack!
The Pentagon hit - yes we've been attacked!

Buildings keep falling, bomb scares everywhere!
Our nation goes "stand-still", no planes in the air!

We feel all the sadness, the pain and the tears.
Trauma in our country is here!

From the lost of "Our People" in such a senseless way!
We get angry and wonder who could Hate us this way.

Another wave, another ripple, passes over again.
An airliner down, now more lives have been lost!

People aboard knew the terror at hand,
And made a Hero's decision to save lives and our land.

The plane, they heard, was White House bound!

Oh my, oh gosh, what should they do?
Stop the plane, don't let it through!

The Hero's on board of that plane are now gone,
But never their memory, for that lingers on.

The waves from this pebble continue to flow.
Then we jump into action and off we go!

Reaching out as we can and giving our blood.
Helping with money, supplies, prayers and Love!

We'll dig through the rubble, keep searching it all.
For the life that is buried, may not be gone.

Be silent, and listen for that quiet call,
"help me, I'm in here" "please save us all"!

Under the rubble - there is breath and life!
With a sigh of relief, we hear a hardy cry:
"Another person found - ALIVE!"

With cheers and hugs all around,
The rescuers continue on.

Across America "Our Flag" proudly fly's
Representing to all that our Unity abides.

A pebble sends ripples affecting "The All"!
We as Americans, Stand Proud, Stand Tall!

We as Americans do not stand alone,
As the ripple of the wave washes over the globe!

Other's mourn with us, the candle lights glow,
Burning brightly as symbols of blessings bestowed.

Together in Unity, we'll fight for what's right,
Bringing Justice to all, so we'll sleep safe at night.

Our Men and Our Woman answer the call,
To protect our country and thus protect all.

We stand proud with them, in honor and pride,
We stand tall together side by side.

Waves from a pebble seem ever so small,
Yet these that have fallen, have affected us all.

Copyright 09/2001 - 2008
WinterSky, a.k.a. MoonRaven

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