By Kirin Lee, Copyright 1998

Pagan parents have a unique task -- that of teaching Pagan values to their children in a world hostile to alternative religions. The following child-raising ideas and VALUES will be helpful when considering your children's Pagan learning experiences, no matter what tradition you practice.

A is for ACTIONS. Your own actions and deeds speak loudest of all. If you want them to learn your chosen path, teach them about it with actions, not just words.

B is for BEAUTY. Show your children the beauty in nature and the other life on this planet. Teach them to preserve that beauty for the future.

C is for CONSISTENCY. Hold to the same principles and practices. Keep your actions consistent with your words.

D is for DOING. Teach your children the old ways by doing Pagan projects and crafts with them. Projects such as recycling show them that doing what they can to help the earth is essential.

E is for ENTHUSIASM. Let your children see your enthusiasm for the old ways, and they will develop it, too. Take them on nature walks, and other places where they can learn to understand the Goddess and her creations first hand.

F if for FAITH. Faith in themselves and their abilities helps children to handle any situation they may find themselves in. Give them suitable tasks to perform. Their completion will boost self-esteem.

G is for GODDESS and GOD. Teach your children the deities of your tradition. Explain who they are and what function they have in your life and rituals. Instruct them in simple chats they can use on their own.

H is for HOLIDAYS. Celebrate your tradition's holidays with rituals and appropriate decorations. Sabbats and Esbats both show children what it means to be a Pagan. They should be allowed to participate as much as possible.

I is for IMAGINATION. Always foster imagination in your child. Your child's imagination may illuminate part of the path you never noticed before.

J is for JOY. Always approach the teaching of your children with a joyful spirit. Show your child the joy of honoring the Goddess and God, and following the ancient paths.

K is for KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge if power. If your children are properly prepared, they will be able to answer questions about their beliefs, and defend themselves in an educated manner against those hostile to their beliefs.

L is for LISTENING. Listen to your children, and they will learn to listen to others. Their thoughts will give you insights into how they wee the world.

M is for MYTHS. The myths of your tradition will delight and entertain as well as teach. Stories are a great way of telling the child about your deities.

N is for NEVER. Never forget to tell you children about the past. Tell them about the burning times and other dark times for Pagans. We must never forget these things, lest they be repeated.

O is for OUTDOORS. Share with your children the splendor of the great outdoors. Perform rituals outside whenever possible. Help them understand that all things are connected to each other.

P is for POWER. Teach them to recognize the power inerrant in all things. Introduce them to personal power and divine power. Carefully instruct them in the use of power and the responsibility that goes with it.

Q is for QUESTIONS. Your children will have many questions along the way. Always answer them truthfully and to the best of your ability. Never discourage questions from children.

R is for RITUAL. Rituals are an important part of all traditions. Let your children participate as much as their age will allow. A young child may only be able to help set up the altar. Older ones can join in the chants, drumming, or dancing.

S is for SHARING. Sharing is an important lesson. Here is where you must set a prime example for your child. By sharing the old ways, you are giving them as honorable path they can follow all their lives.

T is for TOLERANCE. Teach your child tolerance for all the others who share this planet. Remember that there is no one right path. Tolerance, however, should have its limits. Explain that they should never tolerate abuse for their beliefs.

U is for UNDERSTANDING. Be understanding when your child is slow to grasp something new. Their understanding of the old ways takes time and patience.

V if for VISION QUEST. Vision questing is something most older children will enjoy, especially when seeking their personal power animals. Power animals usually become very important to children, as something they can call on when they are alone.

W is for WISDOM. There is no substitute for wisdom. It is something your children will gain from your instruction and their experiences. Teach them wisely and you will be rewarded.

X is for EXAMINE. Examine your principles constantly to be sure that you are not sending mixed messages. Confusion helps no one.

Y is for YOU. Don't spend so much time worrying about your children that you forget about your own spiritual and physical needs. The way you treat yourself sets an example, good or bad.

Z is for ZEAL. Always share your zeal for life, nature, and the old ways. You will be rewarded with your child's eagerness to learn all about them; don't forget to praise children for a job well done. You will be glad you did.

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