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The Ancient Cauldron

Our main discussion group, its history and purpose.
Founded by WinterSky in 1998, originally named Ancient Cauldron Coven and has had over 1000 members of which we lost many when Yahoo made changes and switched their clubs to groups. This cause much confusion and resulted in many clubs loosing members into limbo, while some groups actually gained members mysteriously. Eventually many of the members who got lost in limb were able to find their clubs/groups again and re-join them, while others that mysterious appeared as members of some groups found a new place to share. Sadly some never found their old groups or choose not to re-join them.
During the transition from clubs to groups also caused some of the the archives to disappear, others lost all their archives and still others never had any problems and all their archives stayed intact.
So as you can see this group has gone through many changes, another of which was when my awintersky email addy was hacked into and I was locked out of it. Fortunately I was listed as a member-moderator under another personal account I had. Why was this important? Well, several club/groups I founded were under the awintersky account and therefore that account had control of management for the groups, which meant whom ever hacked my account had total access to all information, members, archives, postings etc. of the groups.
I then made the decision to notify all members, obtain a list of those members and delete the groups, then create new ones to re-invite all the old members. During this process we were able to weed out all the members that did not stay active at all or "bounced" postings in the groups. With all the different changes and mishaps we now have a smaller membership.
Our club/group went from very, very active, to very low activity. Although! We now hope to build up our groups again in the coming months. So if you are interest in sharing your knowledge and experiences on any of the many Pagan paths then this group is for you!
Share, Learn, and meet others of like interest.
Blessed Be

A social group, meeting for topics including spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal, divination, meditaion, and more.



Ancient Forest Moon
Daughter Covenant of Ancient Cauldron!



The Witches' Voice
A great site for pagan news, articles, and community. A pagan staple.

The Different Drum
Don's work can be seen in our Pagans Night Out photo album page. You can also peek into his mind at his blog.

Officers of Avalon
Officers of Avalon is a "way for Pagan law enforcement and emergency personnel to talk, discuss, vent or ask questions to others of like mind."

A Handbook for Chaplains
The U.S. Army's religious requirements and practices of certain selected groups.

Circle Sanctuary & Lady Liberty League
A true credit to our Pagan community!

Builders of the Adytum
"Based on the Mystical-Occult Teachings and Practices of the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot."
Founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case. Extended by Rev. Ann Davies





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