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The Veteran Pentacle Quest now has a Song!

Inspired by the Quest and Sgt. Patrick Stewart's story, Pagan singer and songwriter Celia created "Symbol" in June.

Played at Veteran Pentacle Quest support rallies and circles, it is a spirited call to the US Department of Veterans Affairs to honor Sgt. Patrick Stewart with his emblem of belief, the Pentacle, on his memorial plaque. Celia dedicated this song to the late Sgt. Patrick Stewart, his widow Roberta, and their family.

This Anthem of the Quest tells of religious freedom issues connected with the Pentacle. It powerfully proclaims the need to uphold America's First Amendment Freedoms.

Symbol was greatly acclaimed at its debut performance at this year's Pagan Spirit Gathering, the national festival that Circle Sanctuary holds each year at Wisteria in Ohio. Pagan veterans who want the Pentacle on their grave markers after death stood by Selena Fox and Celia as Celia sang it to the PSG Community.

Symbol also was enthusiastically received when Celia performed it a few days later at the July 4th Religious Rights Rally in Washington, DC.

Following these initial performances of Symbol, Celia became aware that she needed to made a small, but important, change in the original lyrics in order to identify that it is the VA rather than the Pentagon that is the federal agency responsible for the Pentacle not yet being on Pagan veteran grave markers.

Celia has just released her updated version of "Symbol." The word "Pentagon" has been replaced by "VA guns."

This new version of Symbol was recorded live on Friday night, July 28 at this year's [2006] Green Spirit Gathering at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in Wisconsin. The recording concludes with voices of Pagan veterans and other festival participants joining her in song.

This new rendition of Symbol is now available at: as a CD single ($3 or 4 for $10, plus shipping)or as an MP3 download ($2)

Celia is donating $1 of every download and every CD to the Lady Liberty League to support Roberta Stewart and Circle Sanctuary in the Quest to get the Pentacle added to the National Cemetery Administration's list of emblems of belief that can be included on VA-issued headstones, markers, and plaques for deceased veterans.

Please help us get the word out about Symbol! Forward this email to lists, websites, and others you know who may be interested.

More information about the Veteran Pentacle Quest is now on-line:

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