Listen to the Stories of the Old Ones...

Listen to the Wise Ones, our Elders...

For they have much to say!

The most wonderful thing that anyone can get is the Wisdom & Knowledge of our Elders, the "Wise Ones". The words they share with us carry power. They share with us, of all they have seen and learned and the experiences they have endured, some good, some not so good and in each, a lesson.

Let them share with you of the family history and the "ways of the wise". Let them share with you Life. Listen and learn the stories and pass them on for they are priceless! Each word is a most precious gift that goes on giving forever when shared! Stories are life a breath of life.

Don't break this cycle, don't break this circle of life that you are a part of, for you are the living breath of it, pass the words on, so that they can be passed on, again, and again, and again......

Our heritage, our legacy, our traditions, our ways are of old, respect them and respect the "all".

Be it of the blood or spirit, be it of the friend or covenant, keep the breath of life flowing and keep the flame ever burning, keep the ways of old!


Traditions are the solid roots, holding tight to Mother Earth.
Traditions are the solid trunk, firmly holding up the branches.
Traditions are the branches which gently hold the leaves.
Traditions are the gentle leaves that touch the sky's above.
Traditions are the falling leaves that kiss the Earth with Love.
Copyright © 2006 Gail Dettmar

From An Elder

Sit upon the Earth my child
Open your ears to me
For I have stories to tell you
Of the fire, air, earth and the seas

The Fire of life is within you and shall ever create your desires
The Air that you breath deep inside you, brings life to flame the fires.
The Earth is your body, the shell for your soul.
The Water, your emotions, which flow hot and cold.
Your Spirit with-in you, is with-in the All.
Always listen to nature, listen to age,
For nature's an Elder, A Wise One, A Sage!
Copyright © 2006 Gail Dettmar


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