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1. What kind of festival is Beltane?
  (a) Water Festival
  (b) Fire Festival
  (c) Air Festival
  (d) Earth Festival
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2. Beltane is the time of the __________.
  (a) Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess
  (b) final harvest of the year
  (c) year when the Wheel turns towards the God
  (d) beginning of disease
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3. Which is a major tradition at Beltane?
  (a) The burning of the Yule Log.
  (b) Pets are blessed against disease.
  (c) Dancers run through water.
  (d) The May Pole Dance.
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4. Which is traditionally worn at Beltane?
  (a) A garland of holly.
  (b) Wreaths of flowers or foliage.
  (c) The colors purple and orange.
  (d) Your bare feet.
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5. The May Pole represents:
  (a) the tree trunk of the shaman.
  (b) the Yggdrasil of Oden.
  (c) the World Tree.
  (d) all of the above.
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6. Beltane is a time when:
  (a) two become one.
  (b) the lost are found.
  (c) Goddess Mother moves to Crone.
  (d) springs approach is unsure.
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7. Beltane means:
  (a) "Sounding of the Bell"
  (b) "Fire of Bel" or "Bel's Fire"
  (c) "Festival of Beauty"
  (d) "Festival of Bel"
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8. Which moon is Beltane in?
  (a) Wolf Moon
  (b) Fire Moon
  (c) Dyad Moon
  (d) Mead Moon
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9. Which ritual is done at Beltane?
  (a) Bobbing for apples.
  (b) Searching for eggs.
  (c) Hunting for the Horned God.
  (d) Jumping the fire.
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10. What is the Strega name for Beltane?
  (a) Rudemas
  (b) Bealtinne
  (c) Festival of Tanna
  (d) Walburga
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