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1. Who wrote "God of the Witches"?
  (a) Doreen Valiente
  (b) Charles Leland
  (c) Margaret Murphy
  (d) Gerald Gardner
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2. Who wrote "Positive Magic"?
  (a) Janet Farrar
  (b) Marion Weinstein
  (c) R. J. Steward
  (d) Laurie Cabot
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3. Who wrote "Spiral Dance"?
  (a) Amber K
  (b) Z Budapest
  (c) Starhawk
  (d) Silver Ravenwolf
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4. Doreen Valiente wrote:
  (a) ABC of Witchcraft
  (b) Power of the Witch
  (c) Rites of Passage: The Pagan Wheel of Life
  (d) A Witch in Every Woman
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5. Who wrote "The Secret Teachings of All Ages"?
  (a) H. P. Blavatsky
  (b) Raymond Buckland
  (c) Joseph Campbell
  (d) Manly P. Hall
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6. Who wrote "Mists of Avalon"?
  (a) Diana Paxton
  (b) Starhawk
  (c) Marion Zimmer Bradley
  (d) Nora Roberts
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7. Who wrote "The Goat Foot God"
  (a) Ed Fitch
  (b) James Frazer
  (c) Dion Fortune
  (d) Margaret Murphy
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8. What is an Ephemeris?
  (a) A Book of Tarot
  (b) A Book of Spells and Rituals
  (c) A Book for Numerology
  (d) A Book for Astrology
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9. Who wrote "Ancient Ways"?
  (a) Herman Slater
  (b) Scott Cunningham
  (c) Pauline Campanelli
  (d) Aleister Crowley
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10. What book did Margot Adler write?
  (a) Following Your Path
  (b) Grandmother of Time
  (c) Drawing Down the Moon
  (d) Meaning of Witchcraft
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