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1. Alomancy is:
  (a) reading salt grains on the floor.
  (b) reading people standing alone.
  (c) reading the shavings of aloe soap.
  (d) reading ashes in a dish.
a b c d
2. A speculum for scrying is:
  (a) meditative music
  (b) a reflective surface
  (c) a magick wand
  (d) fresh air
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3. What is an apparition?
  (a) A door between the worlds.
  (b) An interacting spirit.
  (c) A point of focus.
  (d) A sensitive.
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4. What does "Jack of the Green" represent?
  (a) Growth and abundance.
  (b) A fresh corn stalk.
  (c) A male Witch.
  (d) Asparagus.
a b c d
5. Clairsentience is:
  (a) reading by thought
  (b) reading by sight
  (c) reading by smell
  (d) reading by feelings
a b c d
6. What is "charging"?
  (a) Running full force into one another.
  (b) Using a credit card.
  (c) A Calvary Call.
  (d) Passing of Power.
a b c d
7. Clairaudience is:
  (a) reading by sight
  (b) reading by touch
  (c) reading for an audience
  (d) reading by sounds
a b c d
8. Clairvoyance is:
  (a) reading by sight and sound
  (b) reading by touch and taste
  (c) reading by sounds
  (d) reading by mental impressions or images
a b c d
9. Telepathy is reading by:
  (a) image or vision
  (b) mind or channeling
  (c) tarot or runes
  (d) smell or scent
a b c d
10. What is Aeromancy?
  (a) Reading with athames.
  (b) Reading by sticks and arrows.
  (c) Reading by air and sky.
  (d) Reading circles.
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