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1. Isis
  (a) Dark Goddess
  (b) Mother Goddess
  (c) Death Goddess
  (d) Maiden Goddess
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2. Arrianrhod
  (a) Turning Tide
  (b) Golden Bough
  (c) Silver Wheel
  (d) Silver Lining
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3. Brigit
  (a) Little One
  (b) The Large Lady
  (c) High One
  (d) Sleeping Lady
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4. Artemis
  (a) Goddess of Animals and Hunting
  (b) God of Work
  (c) Goddess of Love
  (d) God of Anger and War
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5. Cuchulainn
  (a) The Unitarian Maker
  (b) The Ulster Champion
  (c) The Ulna Embodiment
  (d) The Underneath
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6. Cerridwen
  (a) Love
  (b) Faith
  (c) Sensuality
  (d) Inspiration
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7. Badb
  (a) Love God
  (b) War Goddess
  (c) God of the Dead
  (d) Fertility Goddess
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8. Hecate/Hekate
  (a) Dark Sorceress
  (b) Horse Goddess
  (c) Goddess of Pathways and Crossroads
  (d) Goddess of Mirrors
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9. Macha
  (a) Love Goddess
  (b) Crone Goddess
  (c) Celebration Goddess
  (d) Battle Goddess
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10. Cernunnos
  (a) Fertility God
  (b) Horned God
  (c) Divination God
  (d) Naughty God
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