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1. Astarte
  (a) Fertility Goddess
  (b) Demonic Possession Goddess
  (c) Mother Goddess
  (d) Goddess of Universal Cycles
a b c d
2. Moon God
  (a) Man
  (b) Men
  (c) Her
  (d) Him
a b c d
3. Pan
  (a) God of the Hidden
  (b) God of the Heart
  (c) God of Snakes
  (d) God of Shepherds
a b c d
4. So
  (a) God of Sky
  (b) God of Earth
  (c) God of Weather
  (d) God of Wind
a b c d
5. The Creator Goddess
  (a) Nail
  (b) Nut
  (c) Screw
  (d) Bolt
a b c d
6. Selene
  (a) Sun Goddess
  (b) Sky Goddess
  (c) Moon Goddess
  (d) Elements Goddess
a b c d
7. Hades
  (a) The Invisible One
  (b) God of Death
  (c) Husband to Persephone
  (d) All of the Above
a b c d
8. Gaia
  (a) Air Mother
  (b) Earth Mother
  (c) Water Mother
  (d) None of the Above
a b c d
9. Mercurius
  (a) Voice of the Gods
  (b) Messenger of the Gods
  (c) Hand of the Gods
  (d) Eyes of the Gods
a b c d
10. Macha
  (a) Celtic/Irish Goddess
  (b) Fertility Goddess
  (c) Aspect of Morrigan
  (d) All of the Above
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