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1. What are Ember Days?
  (a) Three days proceeding an equinox/solstice.
  (b) Three days before Samhain.
  (c) The day before and after the Harvest Moon.
  (d) A time to collect amber for a necklace.
a b c d
2. What tool contains all the elements?
  (a) Wand
  (b) Athame
  (c) Candle
  (d) Incense
a b c d
3. Sympathetic magick is:
  (a) doing a healing ritual or someone you care for greatly
  (b) doing a sensitive reading that carries a lot of emotions
  (c) doing a ritual with a tool or item to represent something
  (d) making things look uniform on your altar
a b c d
4. Magic fingers are:
  (a) a magicians blessing
  (b) magickal candy
  (c) a wonderful massage
  (d) a director of energy
a b c d
5. Magick affects:
  (a) you
  (b) the other person
  (c) the coven
  (d) the All
a b c d
6. What is Natural Magick?
  (a) Folk
  (b) Earth
  (c) Herb
  (d) All of the above
a b c d
7. Female energy is considered:
  (a) hot and sexy
  (b) cold and wet
  (c) passive and receptive
  (d) flowing and smooth
a b c d
8. Male energy is considered:
  (a) direct and controlling
  (b) aggressive and assertive
  (c) strong and bold
  (d) vital and necessary
a b c d
9. What is Avalon known as?
  (a) The Land of Ladies.
  (b) The Island of the Goddess.
  (c) The Land of Apples.
  (d) The Island of Wisdom.
a b c d
10. Which type of spell/ritual work is Rose Quartz best used for:
  (a) love
  (b) money
  (c) healing
  (d) play
a b c d


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