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1. Masked rituals are:
  (a) concealing
  (b) shamanic
  (c) working magick
  (d) all of the above
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2. Charging a mask can be done by:
  (a) sitting in front of a mirror.
  (b) plugging it in to an outlet or using batteries.
  (c) buying it on a credit card.
  (d) all of the above.
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3. Wearing a mask is:
  (a) one of the world's oldest magickal techniques.
  (b) altering one's energy.
  (c) connecting to the inner self.
  (d) all of the above.
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4. Which type of mask can be the most powerful in creative desires and energy?
  (a) Paper
  (b) Plaster
  (c) Store Bought
  (d) All of the Above
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5. A stag mask can represent:
  (a) Herne - Cernunnos.
  (b) tribal totem head.
  (c) Leader of the Dance.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
6. A mare mask symbolizes:
  (a) power.
  (b) the steed of the Horned God.
  (c) fear.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
7. A masked procession is:
  (a) a ritual dance.
  (b) working energy.
  (c) a celebration of the New Year.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
8. A raven mask can represent:
  (a) dark vengeance.
  (b) knowledge.
  (c) hidden mysteries.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
9. Masks and dances:
  (a) are fun and empowering.
  (b) awaken dormant powers within us.
  (c) are ancient rituals.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
10. Horned dancers such as the Mooris, rind ang circle, and maze and maypole:
  (a) serve as a magickal end.
  (b) preserve bits of the old ways or old faiths.
  (c) serve as fun entertainment and energy at gatherings.
  (d) all of the above.
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