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1. What is a akeru?
  (a) A two-headed creature from Egyptian myths.
  (b) A large glass bird from Peru.
  (c) A small purple horse from Israel.
  (d) A seven-headed snake from South America.
a b c d
2. What is a bunyip?
  (a) Japanese trickster dog.
  (b) Croatian flying rabbit.
  (c) Samoan Pokemon.
  (d) Australian water creature.
a b c d
3. What is an hippocampus?
  (a) Hunter of the ocean.
  (b) Pet of Poseidon.
  (c) Steed for the Mer-people.
  (d) Garbage disposal of the sea.
a b c d
4. What is a Noggle?
  (a) A small gray horse that vanishes in a blue flame on the Shetland Islands.
  (b) A large green ox that eats small children on the Easter Islands.
  (c) A loud orange bird that calls out death on the Hawaiian Islands.
  (d) A curious black snake that steals virgins on the Bikini Islands.
a b c d
5. What are ohdows?
  (a) Canadian creature that eats magic fruit.
  (b) Native American creature that lives underground.
  (c) South American cattle that run through the night.
  (d) Central American goats that kill livestock.
a b c d
6. Which mystics declared that the water-dwelling salamander had an astral element of fire?
  (a) Jewish
  (b) Phoenician
  (c) Egyptian
  (d) a and c
a b c d
7. What is a Tarroo-Ushtey?
  (a) a Pokemon
  (b) a milking cow
  (c) a water bull
  (d) b and c
a b c d
8. Where do thunder birds live?
  (a) above the clouds
  (b) under the ground
  (c) in our hearts
  (d) in volcanoes
a b c d
9. What is a zaltys?
  (a) A mole that enriches good people's gardens.
  (b) A beetle that brings death to those who cheat.
  (c) A unicorn that can only be touched by the pure of heart.
  (d) A snake that brings riches to families with good morals.
a b c d
10. What is a venusaur?
  (a) a plant
  (b) a lizard
  (c) a Pokemon
  (d) a dinosaur
a b c d

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