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1. In Japanese tradition, what does the cat stand for?
  (a) good luck
  (b) an evil omen
  (c) fertility
  (d) party time
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2. Legend has it that a demon can't stand which symbol of peace?
  (a) a dove's cry
  (b) sound of a bell
  (c) sight of "God's Light"
  (d) all of the above
a b c d
3. The balance as a symbol of justice dates back to which goddess?
  (a) Justice
  (b) Ma'at
  (c) Diana
  (d) Tanga
a b c d
4. Found money represents:
  (a) a bad day
  (b) thievery
  (c) party time
  (d) good luck
a b c d
5. Why throw salt over your shoulder?
  (a) To make sure you go to heaven
  (b) To blind the little devil on your shoulder
  (c) As a sign of prosperity
  (d) To induce party time
a b c d
6. Which quality made the Egyptians hold the scarab as a symbol of eternal life?
  (a) coloration
  (b) ability to fly
  (c) consumption of dung
  (d) is found everywhere
a b c d
7. Which is protection from the evil eye?
  (a) hand with eye in it
  (b) bull's horn
  (c) toad
  (d) b and c
a b c d
8. Which animal is a symbol of virginity?
  (a) bee
  (b) buffalo
  (c) beaver
  (d) barnacle
a b c d
9. A dog's howl foretells which? (Harry Potter fans should know this one.)
  (a) Someone is talking about you.
  (b) Someone nearby is on their way to you.
  (c) Someone is partying.
  (d) Someone nearby is going to die.
a b c d
10. If a broom falls in your house, unwelcome company is on its way. If a fork falls in your house...
  (a) a loved one has died.
  (b) welcome company is on its way.
  (c) someone has robbed you blind.
  (d) someone will be leaving unexpectedly.
a b c d


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