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1. How many Court Cards are in the Tarot?
  (a) 9
  (b) 12
  (c) 16
  (d) 20
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2. Which suit of the Tarot deals with health?
  (a) Pentacles
  (b) Cups
  (c) Swords
  (d) Wands
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3. Which card best represents the opportunities for money?
  (a) 2 of Pentacles
  (b) 4 of Pentacles
  (c) 7 of Pentacles
  (d) 10 of Pentacles
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4. What planet rules the Hanged Man card?
  (a) Uranus
  (b) Neptune
  (c) Saturn
  (d) Moon
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5. What card most deals with control?
  (a) Temperance
  (b) Chariot
  (c) Strength
  (d) Justice
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6. Cards numbered 10 represent what?
  (a) Walls
  (b) Bridges
  (c) Doors
  (d) Transportation
a b c d
7. The Three of Cups best represents:
  (a) Female Gathering
  (b) Party
  (c) Celebration
  (d) Dancing
a b c d
8. Which suit represents the Element of Earth?
  (a) Wands
  (b) Pentacles
  (c) Cups
  (d) Swords
a b c d
9. What one Card of the Tarot represents the most physical pleasure?
  (a) The Sun Card
  (b) The 6 of Wands
  (c) The Devil Card
  (d) The Fool Card
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10. The Tower Card most represents:
  (a) Death
  (b) Falling Apart
  (c) Destroying False Crowns
  (d) Blowing Off Steam
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