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1. What kind of religion is Wicca?
  (a) naturalistic
  (b) prophetic
  (c) ecclesiastic
  (d) satanic
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2. What does "pagan" mean?
  (a) heathen
  (b) aristocrat
  (c) country dweller
  (d) thief
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3. What are the three stages of the Goddess?
  (a) Maiden, Mother, Crone
  (b) Morning, Noon, Evening
  (c) Loving, Vengeful, Wise
  (d) Birth, Death, Rebirth
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4. What is the name used for networking in Wicca?
  (a) internetting
  (b) e-coven work
  (c) passing the chatting stick
  (d) webweaving
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5. Which represents the Goddess?
  (a) horse
  (b) spider
  (c) shark
  (d) crane
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6. What does "hoof and horn, hoof and horn," refer to?
  (a) the Great Hunt
  (b) food utensils
  (c) the Great Rite
  (d) the Lord
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7. What term is used when someone leaves a coven to start their own?
  (a) Hiving Off
  (b) Walking Away
  (c) Sistering
  (d) Initiating
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8. Which is a Greater Sabbat?
  (a) Yule
  (b) Litha
  (c) Samhain
  (d) Ostara
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9. Which Sabbat celebrates the first harvest?
  (a) Samhain
  (b) Mabon
  (c) Lammas
  (d) Beltane
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10. What metal is sacred to the Goddess?
  (a) silver
  (b) copper
  (c) gold
  (d) bronze
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