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1. What is a male Witch called?
  (a) a warlock
  (b) a sorcerer
  (c) a pagan
  (d) a witch
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2. What is the Wiccan Rede?
  (a) What thou dost returns to thee times three.
  (b) An' it harm none, do what ye will.
  (c) Do unto other as thou would have done to you.
  (d) Never cross the path of a Witch.
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3. What is a Witch's broom called?
  (a) an athame
  (b) a wand
  (c) a besom
  (d) a chalice
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4. How many moons are there in a year?
  (a) 11
  (b) 12
  (c) 13
  (d) 14
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5. What is deosil?
  (a) moonwise
  (b) widdershins
  (c) sunwise
  (d) counterclockwise
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6. What is a faery moon?
  (a) two full moons in one moth
  (b) two new moons in one month
  (c) a moon that rises red
  (d) a moon that sets blue
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7. What element does West represent?
  (a) air
  (b) fire
  (c) water
  (d) earth
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8. Which phase of the moon is best to create new things?
  (a) new
  (b) waning
  (c) full
  (d) dark
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9. What is the name of the Wiccan tradition that excludes men?
  (a) Gardnerian
  (b) Family Traditional
  (c) Alchemy
  (d) Dianic
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10. Which of the accused was the first to be hung in the Salem Witch Trials?
  (a) Bridget Bishop
  (b) Sarah Good
  (c) Rebecca Nurse
  (d) Giles Corey
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