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1. The Winter Solstice is:
  (a) the turning point of time.
  (b) the birthday of the Sun.
  (c) new beginnings.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
2. The Ancient Festival of Saturnalia is:
  (a) Roman
  (b) Greek
  (c) Egyptian
  (d) None of the Above
a b c d
3. A way of honoring Mid-Winter is:
  (a) dreaming.
  (b) firelight.
  (c) quietude.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
4. A way to honor the Sun is:
  (a) to make a shrine to honor the return of the Sun.
  (b) to create a shrine to the Gods of the Solstice.
  (c) to light a fire.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
5. Yule is a time of:
  (a) the colors of darkness.
  (b) the return of the Sun King.
  (c) the return of the Holly King.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
6. A mistletoe bough is also known as:
  (a) the continuance of the seasonal round.
  (b) the silver branch.
  (c) the bringer of good luck and fertility.
  (d) all of the above.
a b c d
7. The Solstice Evergreen represents:
  (a) seasonal life.
  (b) life that never dies.
  (c) death.
  (d) emptiness.
a b c d
8. Holly represents:
  (a) a male.
  (b) a female.
  (c) male and female.
  (d) none of the above.
a b c d
9. The Yule Log:
  (a) should be completely burned.
  (b) should only be partially burned.
  (c) should be decorated and saved.
  (d) should be symbolic only.
a b c d
10. Who brings gifts at Mid-Winter?
  (a) The Green Man
  (b) Befana
  (c) Santa Claus
  (d) All of the Above
a b c d


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