Our theme was always:
"Share the Abundance"!

Food Drive
During our Harvest Festival we had free admission, although we asked that everyone attending please bring one or more non-perishable food donations.

We made sure all items were in factory sealed containers.
We could not accept opened items.
All donated items were inspected to assure the expiration date had not passed.

For each non-perishable food item, not expired, donate at festival, the attendee was given one ticket towards the hourly door prize drawings. The more items donatee the more chances you to win one or more prizes!
Door prizes were all donated by our merchants and were on dispaly to be viewed during festival at the entrance booth.

All food donations collected for the festival were given to one of our local food lockers and/or were shared with our local Pagan food locker:
Cornucopia pages.
Check out the Cornucopia page and see all the other ways you can still help anytime!

Blood Bank

What better way to "Share the Abundance" than to help our community by donating blood to those in need.

Past festivals Ancient Cauldron
made a rrangements to do a Blood Drive and you can still continue to donate today!!! Contact Blood Source (see locations below) Just be sure to tell them the registered name and account # is:
Ancient Cauldron

Donating Blood
Its safe and easy to donate blood, and takes about an hour.
Just one hour of your time and you can make a difference!
Before the donation, there will be a brief mediccal interview.
The actual donation takes about 5 to 7 minutes.
Then a short time for rest and refreshment.

To Donate
You must be at least 17 years-old, (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health.

There are some potential limitations to your eligibility to give blood.
Need more information?
Call: 800 - 995-4420

To make an appointment:
Call: 866 - 822-5663

In Chico: (530) 893-5433
In Redding: (530) 243-0160
In Merced: (209) 724- 0428

There are 16 Centers:

Auburn - 11990 Heritage Oak Place, Suite 2A

Chico - 285 Cohasset Road

Davis - 757 Russell Boulevard, Suite A-1

Elk Grove / Laguna - 9105 Bruceville Road, Suite 6-A

Folsom - 150 Natoma Station Drive, Suite 500

Grass Valley - 759 Sutton Way

Yuba City / Marysville - 1290 Stabler Lane, Suite 630

Merced - 382 E. Yosemite Ave.

Placerville - 3105 Cedar Ravine Road, Suite 102

Redding - 1880 Park Marina Drive

Roseville - 151 North Sunrise Avenue, Suite 1011

Sacramento (three locations)
1625 Stockton Boulevard
7880 Alta Valley Drive, Suite 100
2936 Fulton Avenue (Town & Country Village)

609 Elmira Road


Please check back as we update our information on this page and on the
Cornucopia pages.




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