(formerly known as the "Jail")

What is Karma?
Karma "is the idea that all our actions have reactions, both positive and negative", Where as, a person that does good and positive things creates and builds up good energy or karma and that doing bad or negative things creates and builds up bad energy or karma. The karma you then accumulate for yourself by your thoughts, deeds and actions throughout your lifetime will continue on with you in future lifetimes! You can help balance the negative karma by enhancing your good karma.
Thus we will have a "Karma Hut" at festival!

What is the "Karma Hut"
A special booth set up at festival where "Souls" (in their human body) will be kept to do their "karmic time" for violations they have done at festival or for past bad karma. Its a fun and entertaining fund raiser for our festival and has been enjoyed by many in our past events. Although we have changed the name from "Jail" to "Karma Hut" this area of our event will be basically the same! Read on for all the details.....

There are two ways you can end up in the Karma Hut:
1 -You will be able to admit yourself into the "Karma Hut" where you will stay for a set amount of time, usually 15 minutes, and where you will be given a task to earn Good Karma!
2 - You may be "arrested" by one of our many "Karma Cops" for breaking one of the many rules at festival! Or, you may be turned in by someone who reported you breaking a rule at festival or doing other "Bad Karma".
So..............If you are arrested you will be kept in the Karma Hut for 10 to15 minutes per violation or given a task to complete, before you are able to be released. You can however bail yourself out.

Bail yourself out or get someone to pay the bail donation for you, by putting a minimum donation of $1.00 per violation into the Karma Drum which goes to festival.

Report Bad Karma!
You can report bad Karma, turn in your friends, family members, enemies or others!
Go to the Karma Hut where you will be able to donate a minimum of $1.00 into the Karma drum per violation (all donations from the Karma drum will go to festival). You will then be asked by one of our Karma Watchers, to fill out a "Karma Ticket". You'll fill out the ticket form, putting the name of the person in violation, a brief description of them, then check off the appropriate violation(s). Once the donation is made, and the ticket filled out, it is given back to the Karma Watcher who then puts out a special warrant for the persons arrest. The war rent will be passed along to a Karma Cop who will then go out and find the violator, read him/her their rights and take them back to the Karma Hut to where the violator will "do his/her time", be given a task to work off their violation, or can pay their bail.

Types of Karma Hut Violations:
Here is a list of some of the violations punishable by doing time....
* Public Cackling
* Cackling too loud
* Steppin' on a Faery
* Stepping on a Faery Mound
* Double-parking your broom
* Empty Chalice
* Boiling & Toiling in public
* Boiling & Toiling without a permit
* Practicing the Dark Arts
* Gargoyle not on a leash
* Public Hexing
* Being cloaked in public
* Needless wand waving
* Dragons breath
* Dragon not on a leash
* Soul stealing (picture taking without a permit)
* Giving the "Evil Eye"
* FWI (flying while intoxicated)
* Coven neglect
* Impersonating a Crone
* Impersonation of a Fairy
* Impersonation of a God or Goddessw
* Pollution of Mother Earth (littering)
* Pollution of Father Sky (smoking)
* Indecent Attire
* False Accusation
* Mooning in Public
* Troll like behavior
* Pentacle concealment
* Illegal broon parking
* Possession of magical tools without a license/degree
* Fraternizing with muggles
* Casting Spells without a permit
* Working to hard without breaks

* Other __________________________

Witches Rights
"Witches Rights" by Dede Hessee © 2000

You have the right to remain Pagan.
Anything you chant can and will be used against you by a bias court.
You have the right to a witch's counsel.
If you cannot convince one,
One will be arrested for you.
Having these rights in mind,
Did you bring a match?





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