During Festival we had several open rituals or ceremonies held in our Sacred Space Ritual area. Some ritual facilitators chose to host their rituals in another area of the festival or in the adjoining park area.

Open Circles Guidelines & Ethics

Check below to see some of the past years rituals:

Opening Blessing & Magickal Procession

by High Priestess Gail "WinterSky"

Opening Blessing at Main Entrance
Magickal Procession which will lead throughout the event area, ending at the entrance of the Main Ritual and Sacred Space area.

Opening Ritual Circle
Family of the Goddess

Opening Ritual Circle with blessings of the season and for an abundant harvest!

A Group Energy Ritual
Belisama & Sacred Fire

The basis of our Tradition includes love and respect for nature and each other, equality of female and male energies, appreciation for ceremonies, a belief in Magick, Reincarnation and Karma, and an appreciation of the symbolism and realities behind the Deities of the Past.
We are healers and the protectors of ancient secrets and natural lore. We honor the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and work with plants, stones, and cosmic energies to enhance our lives. We sacrifice nothing, nor do we use an type of blood in our Workings.
We strive to attune ourselves with the rhythm of natural forces observable by the tides of the Moon and the seasons of the Sun. We seek to live in harmony with all of life. We realize that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives, that our every deed, thought, feeling and action will manifest.
We see the universe as a vast force, too great to comprehend with our human minds. We believe that it has feminine and masculine polarity, which we call the Goddess and the God. Each of those polarities has many aspects, which are known to us by individual Deity names.
(time to be announced)

Main Mabon Ritual

Life Blessings,
New Life & Rites of Passage Ritual
Community Elders and Leaders

Join in this ritual as Elders and Leaders in our community give New Life Blessings to all babies within our circle that day and to other small children present. Elders and Leaders will also be available for other Rites of Passage to be announced.

ADF Unity Ritual

Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF

A Gathering of Drums

Open Community Ceremonial Fire Dance & Drum Circle.

Facilitators to be announced
Everyone is welcome to join in so bring along your drums or other percussion instruments.
Bring along your dancing scarves, bells and bangles and lets have a wonderful time together in circle celebrating community.

Connet with:
Fire. Air, Earth, Water and Feel the Healing Spirit of the Drum!
Air: We breath the sounds and energies of the drum.
Earth: We feel with the movement of our bodies in dance and energies of the drum.
Water: We drink of teh sustenance, quenching our thirst so we can continue to maintain balance within as we connect with our emotions, the circle and the energies of the drum.
Fire: We draw energy and we add energy to the center fire of circle, and also within us and the energies of the drum.
Spirit: We connect with our inner selves, with spirit, with each other in circle and with our God & Goddess.

Obsidian Butterfly - Firedancers
Obsidian Butterfly is a non-traditional art troupe.
They use art as a means of self-expression, healing, spiritual growth to create performances that weave their many talents into one production.
There shows are an alchemical blend of ecstatic expression through dance, poetic storytelling, fire, ancient mystery, and everyday life.
web site

Opening & Children's Ritual
Family of the Goddess

What a better way to begin the days festivities than by having our children doing this wonderful ritual. This is sure to lead this bountiful energy out and throughout Festival!

Sam & Roxie

Ceremony preformed by:
Eric & Teresa Ketten

Maiden, Mother Crone Ritual

The Practical Cauldron

Join in this riutal as Maiden, Mother & Crone bring their energy into this circle.

Main Mabon Ritual

by students and members of the
Grove of the Oak

Closing Rituals

Closing ritual for Festival will be focused on the abundant blessings we were all able to share and bring to our community and to the outer community and to give thanks to all those who helped in bringing this event to Harvest!

Merry Ye Meet,

Merry Ye Part,

And Merry Ye Meet Again!

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