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What's New
Festival Etiquette
Sharing the Abundance of the Harvest
Security, Lost & Found
Food & Drink
Host Hotel
Local Businesses
Pagan Greetings & Sayings
Wall of Honor
The Fashion Show


What's New?

We are currently working on getting a host hotel, but last year we secured host hotel for the event, located about 5 minutes away.

Festival Etiquette

Arriving at Festival:
Please observe the parking for festival and park in designated parking areas only. There will be parking/security to assist you as needed.
Stop by at the main entrance to Festival and check in at the Entrance Booth, sign up for our event mailing list, get your free admission ticket and one additional free ticket, for each non-perishable food donation you give, good toward our hourly door prize drawings.
Pick up a program brochure.
Register for the Talent Contest
Register for the Magickal Quest

Dress Code:
Festival is an open community, family event and dressing festive adds to the occasion. No nudity.
Festival will take place rain or shine so please be aware of any weather changes and dress accordingly.

No Pets:
No pets will be allowed on festival grounds or inside the VFW hall, with the exception of legally licensed and professionally trained service dogs.
Although we love pets, and know many people like to take their pets with them, especially to outdoor events we must stress that you please do not bring your pets to Festival. Even though you may feel that your pet is friendly, the event will be crowded with vendors, entertainers, performers, and other festival staff and festival attendees.

No Illegal Substances:
No illegal substances will be allowed at festival or on the VFW properties. Presence of any illegal substances, or use there of, at Festival can jeopardize everyone participating in the event and will not be tolerated.

No Weapons, Firearms or Blades
Ritual blades for altar display must be pre-approved.
Ritual blades for use in Ritual Circle must be pre-approved.
Blades being sold by vendors must be monitored and kept away from children at all times.
No blades can be touched by or sold to anyone under the age of 18.
All blades sold must be fully wrapped, bagged or peace tied and new owner must remove said blade from festival grounds as soon as possible.

No alcohol or soft drinks are allowed to be brought onto VFW properties. The VFW will be vending soft drinks and water. The VFW has a bar inside their hall which festival participants will be able to access to purchase soft drinks, water and for festival participants who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages from the VFW. All alcoholic drinks must be consumed inside the building.
Those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages and still participate in Festival, we ask that you please be respectful of everyone. If you feel you may have had too much to drink and need assistance please stop by the first aid booth. You can sit or lay down and relax or get some coffee.

No smoking inside festival. This includes in or around vendor booths too.
There is a designated smoking area located in the inside patio area of the VFW. Otherwise please go out side the festival area to smoke and, in so doing, please remember to put your cigerettes, cigars, or pipes out completely and dispose of all cigerette and cigar butts or pipe tobacco in the proper recepticles.

Festival and Ritual are high energy events in themselves and the excitement of two full days of Festival can, at times, be overwhelming, especially to the new comer. With all the excitement and continuous events throughout the weekend we sometimes forget to take care our body's needs and thus get exhausted. Please be sure to nourish your self with enough food and don't forget to drink enough water. At Festival and Ritual we can obtain a natural "contact high" keep yourself spiritually grounded and if need be stop by the First Aid or Hospitality area where volunteers will be available to assist you in grounding and centering.

Sex & Nudity:
Sex and nudity are a natural part of life. Please note that this is NOT a clothing optional event,
clothing is required, no nudity.
We are an educational festival and therefore will have some "adult" presentations, skits, or rituals and these will be held inside the main hall behind closed and monitored doors. Karma Cops, door security will be posted and no one under the age of 18 will be permitted.
Please be respectful of others, Pagans in general are a very friendly and loving people and most of them love a good hug. When hugging others be sure to ask first and keep the hug friendly not sexual, be sure to interpret all signals correctly and know when to release the hug. If you feel your attempts as closeness are making someone uncomfortable then "STOP"! Remember what you may feel is a loving touch may not be to someone else. Remember a hug, or gentle, loving touch IS NOT a sexual invitation, nor is a shoulder massage, etc.
If you feel someone is touching you in an unwelcome or inappropriate way don't hesitate to tell him/her to stop and tell them how you feel about it. If the person persists please contact one of our security.

Respect the Vendors:
Please be respectful of all vendors when shopping in their booths. Handle the wares with care and put items back gently in the same spot you got it from should you decide not be purchase it. Please do not allow young children to touch the wares or run in and out of vendors booths unattended.
We all like to stop and visit, especially when we haven't seen friends in awhile and want to catch up. Once you are done shopping in a vendors booth please step away so as not to block others who may shop their too.

Festival is open to the community and an educational event.
We will have an area set aside, with tables just inside the main entrance, where you can leave your flyers. Participants can find a wonderful array of information on individuals, groups and businesses in and around our local area.
This free "information" area is for everyone to share, leave your flyers or announcements.

For those wishing to webweave/network:
Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and wisdom and if you or your group is open to new students, members or clients please approach others with gentleness, don't "hard sell" when talking to others, especially newcomers."
Keys to a successful approach:
- Example, Introduce yourself: "Merry Meet, my name is _____ of _________ (coven, group, business, etc.) Welcome to Festival and if you have any questions I'd be more than happy to provide what answers I can or find someone else who can assist you."
Then let the conversation go in whatever direction it needs to take. Remember, introduce yourself, and make yourself available as needed by others.
- Ask them what they have attended at the event thus far and what they are enjoying about it.
- Make suggestions of presentations or rituals at Festival that they might like to attend.
Remember, being too forceful with your "sell" can set off warning signs.

For Seekers of information:
Once you have stopped by our webweaving/networking information area and picked up the flyers that interest you, check out our Festival brochure and see which of those people or groups may be doing a ritual, presentation or have a booth at Festival and locate them on the event map. Then stop by their booth or attend their ritual or presentation.
Newcomers to Festival should take things slowly when meeting others for the first time and it is wise to be cautious. It is best to look at teachers or group leaders by their actions and deeds and not their words. Is the teacher or group leader in question being shown respect by others around them?
Remember a good teacher or leader will carry themselves with honor, be open and friendly, and not pushy. They will not pressure you to join their classes or groups, but usually will encourage you too seek out, to search until you find what is right for you.

Ritual / Circle Etiquette:
During Festival there are several open rituals scheduled for both days. Weather you have attended open rituals before or if this is your first time, we highly recommend that you read up on open Ritual/Circle etiquette.
General guidelines are on our Circle Etiquette page, please check it out.
If you have any questions regarding any of the rituals or circles you wish to attend, please feel free to approach any of the Ritual / Circle facilitators prior to the ritual beginning or come by the main entrance/information booth.
Although a Ritual is not a "spectator sport", at Festival we do have many people who choose not to enter the Ritual Circle, but to sit or stand quietly outside circle and observe. We ask those people who are outside of the circle area to please be hold down any conversations so as not to disturb those in circle.
Rituals, be open or closed are a "religious service" and should be respected as such.
Once the Ritual if finished the facilitators may be approached should you have any questions for them.

This will cover the history of the festival, including pictures of our past events.
(information to be posted soon)

How we keep count of attendance.

Each attendee at festival will receive one free admission ticket good toward one of the many free door prizes that will be given away that day during the event.
Although we have free admission we ask those who can to please help in "Sharing the Abundance of the Harvest" by bringing one or more non-perishable food items for the Cornucopia Food Locker. For each non-perishable food item you donate, un-opened and not expired, you will receive one additional ticket good toward the hourly door prizes for that day!
The more you donate the better your chances of getting one of the many wonderful prizes donated by our vendors, and sponsors for this event.

Sharing the Abundance of the Harvest!
Being Thankful. How we share. Who benefits?

Our main theme for our festivals is to "Share the Abundance of the Harvest".
This is the time of the Autumn Equinox or Fall Equinox, Mabon, the Middle Harvest time.
A time when day and night are equal and a time to again reep what we sow.
This is a Pagan Sabbat, a ritual time of thanksgiving.
The time to be thankful for many things, thankful to Gaia, Mother Earth for her bounty.
Thankful for the Sun for its warmth and growth in helping the living things to flourish.
Thankful for the Moon for the shadows and the ebb and flow of the waters.
Thankful to the God and Goddess.

We "Share the Abundance of the Harvest" in coming to gether in celebration for all we have.
We "Share the Abundance of the Harvest" by sharing some of what we have reeped.
We share our food, clothing and other times to help others in need.
We gather in festival, bringing together others of like interest.
Providing a place where our local merchants can sell their wares.
Where professionsals of many different trades can provide their services.
Festival is a place where teachers, leaders and elders can share their wisdom and knowledge.
A place where bards can come to spead their words and entertain us.
Where performers are able to share their many talents.
A place where both our Pagan community and outer communities can come together to learn and share in an open comfortable and festive inviornment.

Local businesses benefit from this event in many ways.
We purchase our flyers and other festival items and supplies through our local merchants.
Many people come to Festival, and in so doing, bring revenu to the local community when they buy gas, go to resturants, get over-night lodging, go shopping, etc. as well as taking time out to visit many of the other local businesses.

We donate to charities: money, things, our time.
We share and give what we can, and we are thankful for all we have.

Security, Lost & Found
Who is security? How do we identify them?
How to turn in "found" items or claim "lost" items, during and after event.

There will be a sercurity booth located at the entrance to the festival grounds.
The booth will have someone there at all times.
Other security will be walking around the event area and parking area.
You will know them by their security shirts, vests or hats and badges.

Stop at the security booth if you have lost an item to report it.
Bring any "found" items to the security booth where they will be better able to unite the item and its owner :-)

For VFW members, Active Military & Veterans
For handicap
For vendors & other participants.
For general public.

VFW members, Active Military & Veterans:
Will be allowed to park closer to the building once they show their membership, military or auxiliary ID cards. So if you are a VFW, Auxiliary or American Legion member make sure you have a current membership card with you.

Handi-cap Parking
All handi-cap parking will be marked. Those who have a current handi-cap plaque or liscense plate will be directed to the handi-cap parking areas near or closest to the the entrance of the festival area.

Vendor & Other Participants Parking

Vendors will be directed to the check-in area, given a special parking plaque, then directed thru to unload as needed. After unloading they will be directed to a special parking area for vendors.

Participants, that need to unload will follow the same as the Vendors and then directed where to park after they are done.

Volunteers and other festival works will also be directed to areas to park.

General Public
All general public attending the festival will be directed to available parking.
There will also be an overflow parking area.
Parking directional signs will also be posted.

If you need to pull in closer to the event entrance to allow passengers to get out and not have to walk so far, please pull up to the main parking entrance and a Parking attendant will give you a pass and direct you.

Before event, during and after event.
Trash & what to recycle.

Before event, during & after event:
Recycle bins/bags will be placed stratgicly throughout the Festival area. Please use the recycle recepticles as marked.

Trash & what to recycle?
Trash bags/cans will be marked for general trash.
Recycle bins/bags will be properly marked for:
aluminum cans
plastic & plastic bottles
paper & cardboard

All recycleable items will be taken in and exchaned for cash,which will be donated to the said charities of the festival.
So please remember that every little bit helps the all.

Food & Drink
Here is some of what will be available:

For Vendors and other Participants setting up Friday evening the VFW will be hosting a dinner:
Chicken Enchaladas or Fish ($6.00 to $7.00)
On Saturday and Sunday morning the VFW will be hosting breakfast. Breakfast Burritos, eggs, hash browns, sasauge, and ham, juice and fruit. Breakfast menu may vary slightly. But the price is usually between $4.00 and $6.00

The following is a list of foods that will be available during festival hours. (Prices to be announced at festival)
Bottled water, sodas, juice, lemonade, ice tea.
Vegerarian Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chili
Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad
Corn On The Cob
Baked Potatoes
Muffins, Cookies, Cup Cakes
Ice Cream
Nachos and Cheese
Hambergers, Hot Dogs, Chili

......and more to be announced at festival.

Host Hotel
Although we have not currently secured a host hotel, last year The Days Inn in Rancho Cordova was the Hotel of choice among Festival attendees who stayed in our area over night.
This hotel is very Pagan friendly and is recommended:
Call the hotel directly at (916) 351-1213
To find out more about the hotel, visit their site at,

Two locations for those who wish to campout.

1- Beals Point

This is a State park.
Auburn Folsom Rd., Folsom, CA
This is the closest! Approx. 10 minutes from Festival
Both RV and reg. camping available.

Beals Point is approximately 65. miles from Festival.
At the corner of Kruithof Way & Hazel Ave.
Go North on Hazel to Madison Ave. .09 miles
Right on Madison Ave. to Auburn Folsom Rd. 3.0 miles
Left on Auburn Folsom Rd. approx. 2.6 miles
Beals Point entrance will be on right.
Phone for info or reservations:
1 800-444-7275

2 - KOA
4655 Rock Barn Road
Shingle Springs, CA
This is farther, approx. 20 minutes from Festival.
There is RV, reg. camping, and some cabins.

From Hazel Ave. at Hwy 50
Take Hwy 50 East go approx. 16.9 miles
Take exit #39 Shingle Springs Dr. go 0.3 miles
Bear Left on Shingle Springs Dr. go 0.2 miles
Turn Left on Rock Barn Rd. gp 0.5 miles
This takes you straight to the entrance of the KOA
1 (530) 676-2267

Exit: Shingle Springs Drive

Local Businesses
Gas Stations


Quick Trip Mart 1 (Within 1 block of the event)
4769 Hazel Ave.
(916) 966-6615

Raley's (Including a pharmacy, deli, and Wells Fargo, at corner of Madison and Hazel)
8870 Madison Ave.
(916) 966-2201

Albertsons/Sav-On (Corner of Hazel and Greenback)
8839 Greenback Ln.
(916) 989-3915


Wells Fargo Bank (Madison and Hazel)
8870 Madison Ave.
(800) 869-3557

Washington Mutual (Madison and Hazel)
8859 Madison Ave.
(916) 966-9111

State Farm Bank (Greenback and Hazel)
8920 Greenback Ln. #B
(916) 989-2144

Bank of America (Greenback and Hazel)
8890 Greenback Ln.
(916) 373-6920

Gas Stations

Chevron (Madison and Hazel)
8900 Madison Ave.
(916) 863-0738

Chevron (Near hotel)
12205 Tributary Point Dr.
(916) 985-4471

Shell (Near hotel)
12210 Tributary Point Dr.
(916) 985-2267

Orbit Gas & Mini Mart (Greenback and Hazel, east on Greenback)
8994 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-6888

Valero (Greenback and Hazel, east on Greenback)
9301 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-1952

AM/PM (Sunrise and Winding Way)
4400 Sunrise Blvd.
(916) 966-3807


Between Hotel and Event

Tugboat Fish & Chips
4363 Hazel Ave.
(916) 961-1313

Golden Palace
4363 Hazel Ave. #4
(916) 967-9778

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant
4323 Hazel Ave.
(916) 961-2112

4301 Hazel Ave.
(916) 961-3115

North of the Event (less than 1 mile away)

Kim Hei Restaurant
5227 Hazel Ave. #A
(916) 962-3838

Rim's Deli
5241 Hazel Ave.
(916) 966-7707

Noah's Bagels
5246 Hazel Ave.
(916) 863-5367

Round Table Pizza
5301 Hazel Ave.
(916) 962-2700

Subway Sandwich Shop
5312 Hazel Ave.
(916) 966-3003

At/Near Hazel and Madison (about 1 mile away)

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Parlor
8894 Madison Ave.
(916) 966-7713

Del Taco
8898 Madison Ave.
(916) 966-4135

8888 Madison Ave.
(916) 967-5520

Kentucky Fried Chicken
8810 Madison Ave.
(916) 961-1246

Near Hotel (On or near Folsom Blvd.)

Quiznos Sub
12195 Tributary Point Dr.
(916) 985-0530

12190 Tributary Point Dr.
(916) 351-0340

Taco Bell
12220 Tributary Ln.

Cattlemen's Restaurant
12409 Folsom Blvd.
(916) 985-3030

Cafe Express
11971 Foundation Pl.
(916) 353-0937

Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd.
(916) 985-0822

Nimbus Winery
12401 Folsom Blvd.
(916) 985-8100

Rudy's Hideaway Lobsterhouse
12303 Folsom Blvd.
(916) 351-0606

Samurai Sushi
12251 Folsom Blvd.
(916) 353-1112

Greenback near Hazel (Around 2 1/2 miles from event)

China Garden
8847 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-6223

Adalbertos Mexican Food
8844 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-6508

Denny's Restaurant
8841 Greenback Ln.
(916) 987-6119

Taco Bell
8823 Greenback Ln.
(916) 987-7076

L&L Hawaiian BBQ
8813 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-9288

Blue Nami Sushi & Sake House
8807 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-2300

Mountain Mike's Pizza
8801 Greenback Ln.
(916) 989-6677

Annie's Breakfast & Steaks
8800 Greenback Ln.
(916) 988-1682


Pagan Greetings & Sayings
The following are things you may have said to you or hear during festival or ritual:
Merry Meet - Expression of 'a pleasure to meet you', 'nice to see', 'nice to see you again'.
Merry Part - Expression of parting as in 'we part in merriment', with no negativity between each person.
Merry We Meet Again - Expression of greeting and also that they meet again with pleasure.
Blessed Be - An expression of both a greeting and a farewell. Blessed Be is also used as a general expression in ritual.
So Mote It Be - This has several meanings, 'so it may be', 'so shall it be', 'as it will be', 'and it is so', 'let it be so'.
God/Goddess Bless - Expression of blessings upon a person, place or thing.
Hail: An expression of greeting, a salute or to summon, as in a ritual circle: "all hail to the East" etc.
Deosil: Used to describe the clockwise movement in circle during rituals.
Widdershins: Used to describe the counter-clockwise movement in circle during rituals.
Grounding: To disburse excess energy from your body, mind and spirit, usually done through visualization and/or movement that directs this energy into the ground, thus creating a better balanced mind, body and spirit. This is something that is usually done before or at the beginning of a ritual/circle and at the end. This is also done by anyone, at anytime, they feel it is needed.
Rede or The Rede: This is a rule or law that most Pagans live by. A short version is: "An it harm none, do what ye will".
(In the Rede, "an" means "if")
Smudge: To use the smoke of burning herbs or incense (usually sage) to cleanse negativity energy. To smudge the ritual area and people entering the ritual circle.
*If you hear of other words or terms being used and you are not familiar with them, speak up and ask about them, someone present should be able to explain to you or check with one of the groups or covens present.

Wall of Honor!
This is a special feature again for this years event. This area will have many things available, to mention some: Pagan Soldiers to contact, cards available so you can write to our troops, read letters and view pictures received from Soldiers, honoring our POW/MIA, collecting items to send to the troops (list will of suggested items will be posted soon)

The Fashion Show!
There will be a fashion show at festival, possibly two!
A Vendors Fashion Show
See what the fashions look like on a real live person.
Volunteer to model some of these fashions.
Check with us at the main entrance for all the details.
and a
Regalia Fashion Show
Wear you best Regalia, walk across stage, let others see you as you claim your personal power and wear your faith with pride.
Stop at the entrance booth for all the details and to sign up.

More details on this coming soon.

Be sure to check back often to see what we have updated or added!




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