We love, almost more than anything, to share what we have learned, knowing that knowledge can be the first step to a better witch.

Book Lists
This is a list of suggested reading and music, broken out into categories.

The Burning Times
Information on one of the most cruelest periods of human history.

The Sabbats
Lessons on the Wheel of the Year and a peak into some of our past Celebrations.

Needful Things
Tools of the trade.

Creating Fulfillment
A lesson on achieving your desire through visualization and verbalization.

A lesson on the true meaning of creativity.

The Elements
A five week course designed to attune you to the elements and recognize the lessons they have.

Rites of Passage
A lesson on what constitutes a rite of passage and a few rites to be shared with those who visit here.

A series of lessons about the Tarot and how to use this strong magick.

Honoring Your Path
A list of questions to help you recognize how far along the path you are. Helpful for both neophyte and veteran pagans alike.

Mercury Retrograde
Feeling confused? Think your electronics are out to get you? Seeing a bit more of a certain traffic finger? This may be why.

Love and Pleasure
The Etiquette and Ethics of Wiccan Sexuality

Pagan Manners
"Common Sense" manners for all who attend events.
To do's and not to do's.

Psychics Trick or Treat
Choosing a psychic, what to ask and what to watch for.

Coven or Not
"Looking at Yourself"
Working Solitary, considering joining a group or coven, or starting your own group or coven, then heres some things to seriously consider.



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