Sabbats are a time of celebration. To learn more about each sacred time of the year, click on the wheel above. To see some past examples of how Ancient Cauldron has celebrated these times, see below.


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From our Lughnassadh 2005 Celebration:

As the Sun reaches 15° Leo, it is time to celebrate the abundance that Mother Earth has offered us this year. For this is a celebration of abundance and fulfillment as we start the grain harvest for the year that carries us through the lean winter months. August is the time to recognize fulfillment of your past year's dreams.

We still celebrate the remnant of this festival at county fairs where farmers display the cream of their crops and animals. Where we gather to dance, play games and celebrate all the Summer's bounty.

Its time to take a bake loaves of bread from the first harvesting of wheat and corn as well as other backed goods such as cakes and pies. A time to look back and see what you have gained in abundance over the past year and what you could do differently to make the next year bring you more success.

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Ancient Cauldron loves to share these times of celebration with our families and often times the community around us. Here we share some of the past experiences we have had. This should give you an idea of fun times we have together.

Lughnassadh 2007
Samhain 2006

Lughnassadh 2006
Lughnassadh 2005

We also have pictures of events to share. Who knows? You may get an idea for your own altar or join us for the next event.


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