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Here you can learn about me, Gail Dettmar, Sharing Spirit, Tarot, and Psychic Parties.


Reverend Gail DettmarRev. Gail Dettmar

I'm a sensitive, born on the upper east coast and at the age of three my family packed us all up and we moved clear across the country to the west coast where we settled in good old Burbank, California.

As far back as I can remember I have been a sensitive, involved with the paranormal and although my family was both amazed and at times even frightened of my abilities, they were always there for me. My father seemed to be able to totally ignore any paranormal activities and deny what he couldn't ignore, where as my mother was just the opposite, she supported me and encouraged me, helping to explain things I didn't understand at such a young age and she shared her stories with me as I grew older.

Since the paranormal has always been a big part of my life, naturally I was very much drawn to it and yes there were times I was afraid, but curiosity always got the best of me and I would have to investigate, as I still do today.

Today - I am wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, non-denominational minister, intuitive spiritual consultant and metaphysician. I have been teaching about the paranormal, metaphysics and spirituality for almost 30 years now and enjoy doing so. I believe in bringing fun and humor along where ever I go and in dealing with the paranormal, being able to laugh helps a lot, especially when things get tense as they usually do, during readings and paranormal investigations. As a sensitive and psychic my readings/consultations are to give validation, guidance and insight to those who seek clarity and balance in their lives. We can not change our past, but we can make changes in the present, which will affect our future. We always have choices. I enjoy doing readings/consultation and love teaching even more. I have done well over 15,000 readings and have been on television and radio shows. I do lectures for groups and organizations, including neighborhood watch groups on how to find and choose a psychic, what to expect and how not to get scammed by one, and about dis-pelling the myths, superstitions and differences between "witchcraft" and "satanism", what is real and what isn't.

Paranormal investigations are always done with one or more friends, or other investigators, who are also sensitive's. I began investigating without any fancy equipment, just regular cameras, usually a 35 millimeter and polaroids, and of course we always had our tape recorders and a flashlight as needed.

I have done investigations at private residences, vacant and abandoned homes and buildings, in caves, fields, along roadways/highways and even some old mansions in downtown Sacramento including Sacramento's old Governor's Mansion, the Sacramento Theater Company and many old and not so old cemeteries in several states. I even spent a few years in Europe during the mid-70's and I was able to visit some old cemeteries and a few castles, unfortunately those were just visits and I was not prepared to investigate, I wish I had been.

Each investigation is unique, you have to expect the unexpected! You have to be able to eliminate potential causes as to what may seem paranormal vs. what is actually paranormal activity.

The best part of what I do? That's easy, its helping people understand the paranormal, helping them through their situations or struggles with it so they can find peace, balance, comfort and feel safe in their home or sacred space. It's helping them to cleanse and bless their homes, vehicles, work spaces etc. when necessary.

About Gail's Intuitive Arts & Sharing Spirit

In the 1980's, Gail's Intuitive Arts was birthed. You could find my booth at most of the Psychic and Holistic Healing events throughout northern California as well as many Renaissance and other fairs where I was available for readings, presentations and demonstrations on the metaphysical and intuitive arts. In 1990, I closed my business.

Sharing Spirit is my current group which gathers weekly to share our knowledge and experiences on spiritually, metaphysics, paranormal and the magickal arts. Announcements are made on other events of interest we hear about, many of which we attend as a group. Sharing Spirit gatherings follow in the foot steps of my original weekly meetups and gatherings "Gail's Intuitive Arts - A Gathering of Spirits" founded in 1984 which continued also as PNO (Pagans Night Out events) where we would meet at local parks or restaurants)

Please contact me below for more details on the Sharing Spirit group.

The Mystical & Magickal Art of Tarot

Tarot is my specialty and as I continue to develop this web site I will adding more and more information about the Tarot. So be sure to check back often to see how things are progressing, I'll be posting my recommended Tarot Decks, a Book List and more with regular updates.

Psychic Parties

A Psychic Party is a very unusual and unique type of party, always enlightening, formative and most of all fun! Weather you just want one or more Psychic / Intuitives at your party as entertainment, to mingle and do group or private mini readings or to actually host an ESP "Extra Special Party" its a fun time for all. With an ESP "Extra Special Party" you become the Host/Hostess, invite six or more of your family and friends, have snacks and refreshments available or make it into a pot luck event.

As a hostess you will receive a gift basket as a special "Thank You" for hosting the party including a free reading just for you. I'll even send out special invitations to those you want to invite.

Party Plans: There are several different Psychic Party Plans available. I have over 40 years experience in party and event planning and can help you choose which party plan best fits you needs. You can even choose a theme for your party to really get everyone excited about attending!


For more information regarding:
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