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Special Notice

Special Notice!!!

Impersonation Issue!

This could happen to you.....as it has me.....

On Sunday, April 27th 2008 someone took several of my business cards, while I was at the Holistic Healing Expo in Elk Grove, CA. The person(s) then proceeded to other locations in the Sacramento County, one being the Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights. The person then began impersonating me by approaching people in the mall offering to do a psychic reading for them for only $5.00 and handing out my business cards.

How do I know this?

On Monday afternoon, I checked my emails and received an email from a Lady telling me she enjoyed meeting me at the Sunrise Mall,but felt that the reading I gave her was not good, that nothing she was told fit or was true and she just wanted me to know.

Well, of course I was surprised by this and emailed her back telling her she must be mistaken and got something mixed up because I was not there that day.
The lady emailed me back telling me she had my business card and the phone number on it, etc. Then she described the person who approached her and did the reading.

So I sent her a picture of me. We continued to exchange emails to try and find out who this impersonator was.

I have found out that the woman who hadimpersonated me had been at the expo I was at. She was with several others who came from Reno, NV area and they were also participating at expo. They had gotten my cards while there.

How do I know this?

Because these were new business cards which I had just finished making up the evening before and this was the first time I used them, and with a new phone number on them.

As I said, the woman who was doing the impersonation, was at the expo with a group of people, one at least of whom was a reader at the expo that day. We have pictures of these women from the event and the one who did the impersonation fit the description I was given perfectly.

A police report has been made, the mall security have a report also and are currently working me. The mall have agreed to check their sercurity tapes to help with this investigation.

I also have the help of the Expo coordinator in getting this solved.

Another issue: The group this woman was with each took several of my business cards, which they said they wanted to give to their friends who would want to come get a reading from me because they heard I did good readings. Now I know they have several of my business cards and they too could be impresonating me.


I do not approach people and offer to do readings for them!

If you were approached in any manner as I discribed above or have any information to help find this person, please contact me and let me know.

About me ......

The readings I do are at fairs, festivals, expos, metaphysical stores, and at private parties, businessed and organizations.

Although I am a direct psychic I prefer to use Tarot, combined with Astrology and Numerology. My mini readings take a minimum of 15min. and full readings go 30 up to 90 minutes.

Again: I do not walk around approaching people offering to read for them. From my experiences a real and accurate Psychic will not do so either. So Please Beware.

Thank you for taking time to read this.


Magickal Blessings,