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From my meetup groups, classes, and lectures


"Gail has so much knowledge to share"

Wonderful meditation using beautiful crystal points. This was a great experience to hear how everyone had their own personal experience during Gail's guiding us in and out of the meditation. Gail's light show really added to the experience. Gail's regaining your personal power exercise was very powerful, yet she kept it simple and sweet. I am sure all attendees will use it over and over again. I have been lucky to know Gail for many moons.  I have attended her meetings and ceremonies in the past and found them to be enlightening and informative.  I am excited that Gail is opening up her knowledge to others again. Gail has so much knowledge to share and it’s yours just for the asking. This is a true sharing, I always have a great time.

- Joseph Davis


"A great teacher bar none"

I had a great time learning about the magick in stones. Gail is a master when it comes to such subjects and it is always a delight to meet with this group. Gail is very knowledgeable about the Intuitive Arts and is a great hostess.  I look forward to future meetings and meditations. Gail is very knowledgeable about the field of metaphysics and the Wiccan Ways, and is always friendly and welcoming. She offers a safe and sacred space to share this knowledge with those that appreciate the old ways. She is so knowledgeable about the craft and all things paranormal and metaphysical that it is always a joy to spend time with her. A great teacher bar none!

- Judy 0


"Just a good flow of energy"

Just a good flow of energy. Really informative! Great group of people!

- Gina S.


"If you're ready for greater knowledge on life"

Great information presented in a friendly discussion format, all members included and encouraged to join in. Gail is very knowledgeable and kind, presents information that you can take or leave, the choice is up to you. If you’re ready for greater knowledge on life, spiritual, and/or wiccan topics then you’d enjoy this group.

- Shirley H.


"This is a very empowering experience"

This is a very empowering experience!!! Gail has a great gift to guide you into a memborable experience. Each meditaiton provides vital information to allow you to walk the path to enlightenment!! This meetup group is the Best!!! Gail has universal wisdom that is bright and peaceful!! Her abundant teachings are very informative and fun to learn!! Crystals are more powerful than I ever thought they were. I learned so much about the living energy of crystals and how they play an important part of our life. I was completely enlightened!!

- Carolyn B.


"A wonderful time"

Wonderful group! Wonderful hostess! And a wonderful time!

- Sela


"She always gives you something fun, interesting and unusual"

Gail gave a great presentation on the field of Iridology. I can honestly say that a good time was had by all and the energy was very upbeat! Gail is very knowledgeable and she always gives you something fun, interesting and unusual to think about. If you are truly a seeker on your path then this meetup has a multitude of ways to expand your knowledge.

- Jane


"Can't wait to attend again"

A great guided meditation & super nice group of people. Can't wait to attend again.

- Marianne


"Great folks meeting for a good time"

This is a great way to meet others of like mind in our area. No politics, no witch wars, no bickering, no agendas. Just great folks meeting for a good time.

- Kim


"The information is great"

The people are friendly and the information is great!

- Sallyjane W.


"I look forward to attending another"

I think it’s nice to let down your guards whichever any faith or religion you may have, to share & discuss life issues from a spiritual perspective & truths we can all agree on and possibly help each other with…I look forward to attending another.

- Brittany


"Everyone has something to share"

Because there is a lot to learn and everyone has something to share.

- Tracie T.


"Informative for the novice as well as the adept"

Welcoming ‘Garden of Eden.’  Open Discussion and very informative for the novice as well as the adept.

- Elsonian


"Wonderful mediation"

Gail is knowledgeable about the magical arts and does wonderful meditation.

- Claire


"The fabulous Gail"

The fabulous Gail, and the great people who attend.

- Matthew K.


"A blessing to all"

Gail has wisdom which is sincerity caring. Her gift of knowing and teaching is a blessing to all.

- Anne