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  • Private Reading/Consultations & Guidance
  • 30 min. session, 1 hour session, 1 1/2 hour session
    Choose one or a combination:
    Direct Intuitive/Psychic Readings, Tarot, Stones, Runes, Graphology (handwriting analysis), Numerology, Intuitive Astrology.

  • Spiritual Healing/Cleansing Consultations
  • 30 min. session, 1 hour session, 1 1/2 hour session
    Spiritual energy cleansing and balancing with one or more of the following:
    Crystals/Stones, Smuding, Toning (sound, vibrational energy), dowsing, and pyramid energy working.

  • All Rites of Passage / Celebrating Life
  • By donation, varies depending on specific service, and location.
    Main Passages:
        Creating New Life Mother/Father
        New Life
        Coming of Age (boy/girl usually approximate age 13, although it varies by maturity)
        Final Passage
    Other Passages:
        Any other special event passage for a person such as
        first apartment/home, achieving their drivers liscense, graduations, promotions, etc.
  • Spiritual Cleansings and Blessings
  • New home
    New vehicle

  • Classes & Workshops
  • By donation, depending on type of session, number in attendance, length of time and supplies. Supply fee may apply.
    Classes are usually two hours in lenght, can be one class or a series of classes.
    Workshops are usually 6 hours in lenght and can be one day, two day (weekend) or several weekends. Prices vary depending on sessions.
    Meditation - How to, and how to join or start your own meditation circle/group.
    Psychic Self-Defense and Protection
    Psychic Deveolpment
    Tarot - Beginning to Advanced, Layouts, and more.
    Astrology (Basics)
    Symbology, Dream Interpretation
    Spiritual Healing
    Spiritual Healing with Crystals and Stones
    Identifying Crystals and Stones
    Crystal/Stone Readings
    Energy and Colors
    Graphology/Handwriting Analysis
    Rayid/Iridology - Eye Reading
    How to begin a Spiritual Group/Circle
    Drumming for a healither you. Individual or in group.

  • Psychic Parties
    Psychic Parties are: Any kind of party with a "psychic" for entertainment to do readings either individually, roaming the party or as a group session. With one or more psychics participating (this would be something determined before the party.
    Seance, Spiritual Contact, Table Tapping Session.
    There are several different Party types available and I can help you choose the best type for your party needs and party budget.

  • Lectures & Presentations
  • I am available for lectures/presentations on all things listed under services, if you have a specific interest please contact me and we can discuss it.
    Length of time for a lecture/presentation varies from one hour up to three hours, again depending on topic. This can include breaks.

  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Free consultation. Travel expenses may apply if on site.

For classes, workshops and other events please check out our calendar page.
If you have any questions regarding any of the services listed above please or need more information contact me.