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In Loving Memory of

Mynya Giballi


Mynya Giballawinsky,
also known as
Michael Giballi.

Beloved brother, friend, lover,
mentor, and dad.

May your light shine eternal.



March 13, 1938 - August 3, 2008

"I am on the path
of light
which is rich
in personal growth experience,
and I am united
with all souls
through eternity." - Mynya


"Mynya was born in England of Polish-Jewish ancestry. He was raised and taught Tarot by his grandmother Julia Giballawinsky who was a famous psychic in The Order of the Golden Dawn. This was the foremost psychic group of its day. They got together to gather all known information dealing with psychic research, to find the good and get rid of the bad. Their idea was to bring Tarot into the light and get rid of the fears and superstitions."

Julia was best friends with Pamela Coleman Smith, who was the artist of the famous and most popular Tarot deck: "The Rider-Waite Tarot". Julia learned many of the secrets to the colors and symbols of that deck and pasted that information on to Mynya, who like his grandmother Julia, helped to bring the Tarot into the new age.

If you look at the "Hanged Man" in the "Rider-Weight Tarot", turning the card sideways, you will see the name "julie" along the folds of the hanged man's tunic.

Mynya continued those teachings in the true sense of the verbal tradition of the ancient ones.

When I met Mynya toward the end of 1982 he was teaching at the Creative Awareness Centre in Sacramento, CA. At that time he had been a Tarot instructor and counselor for the past 20 years. He was considered the best Tarot instructor here in America and had been on radio and TV.

Upon meeting Mynya, his spirit shinned and his love of the Tarot was evident. I immediately signed up for his next series of classes. Mynya made learning this mystical and magical art so easy.

Although I loved the Tarot too, it was rather difficult for me to grasp it and after the very first class with Mynya it was like the doors suddenly unlocked and I finally understood how to read the symbolic language of this beautiful deck.

Mynya not only taught the Tarot but during those classes he taught so much more of the "ancient and magical arts", he was truly "A Sage", "A Wise One" and I am so thankful to have known him.

He was not just a teacher, he became a good friend, and we usually went out to lunch and browsed used bookstores after classes.

Mynya gave me the push I needed, although I didn't think so at the time, to start teaching myself, when he decided to move to the bay area and had me take over his classes.

I owe him so much.

I miss you my dear friend, thank you for all you have shared with me and others.

May you rest in the love and light of the God and Goddess.