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Home Page - Odds are, you just came from there and it's the best place to find out what's new or what has been updated.

Our Coven - This is the home of the pages all about our coven and the things we want to share with you:

My Witchy World - Find out more about the world of magic from our High Priestess, WinterSky.
Open Circle - The rules and code of conduct for our coven, along with common things to look for at many open circles.
Our History - Get a brief overview of the making of a wonderful coven, ours.
Photo Album - Do you like pictures? We have plenty of them. See what we are like before you show up. Maybe get a few ideas of your own.

Altars - Some of the wonderful altars created by the coven, students and friends. We'll be adding more soon!
Beltane - Past Beltane celebrations.
Imbolc - Past Imbolc celebrations.
Miscellaneous - Pictures of things we want to share but can't necessarily categorize.
Pagans Night Out - Our weekly open gatherings.
Samhain - Past Samhain celebrations.
WinterSky - Our High Priestess, always witchy looking :)
Yule - You guessed it, past Yule celebrations

What's Brewing - A calendar of events hosted by and attended by Ancient Cauldron.

Words of the Cauldron - Creative writing with a purpose. Please allow us to share our words with and share some of your own.

Cauldron Bubbles - Little pieces just for sharing.
Chants - A mesmerizing way to get your will across.
Essays - A few extended words of wisdom worth sharing.
For the God and Goddess - Let the deities know your thinking about them.
For the Sabbats - A few words to help turn the wheel of the year.
Poems - They're beautiful and they rhyme.
Words of the Seekers - Shared by students of the past.

Harvest Festival - The main page for our 2007 Harvest Festival.

Altars - Find out about the Wheel of the Year Altars display.
Authors and Presenters - A list of the authors and presenters appearing at the festival.
Blood Drive and Food Drive - A way to show your support for your community around you.
Contests - Find out about some of the fun contests to be held.
Coordinators - Meet the people hosting this fine event.
Flyers - Download and print flyers to display in your store or event.
Forms for Participants - Presenter? Vendor? Entertainer? Volunteer? Find what you need right here.
Karma Hut - Been bad? Know someone who has? A few minutes in the Karma Hut should cleanse that soul.
Kids and Teens Activities - Find out what there is to do for the younger pagans.
Military - Find out some ways to support your troops, pagan and otherwise.
Mothers Sanctuary - Find out about this great feature.
Performers and Entertainers - A list of the performers and entertainers appearing at the festival.
Raffles and Door Prizes - Show up, win prizes. Pay for tickets, win more prizes.
Rituals - Enjoy the energy of so many people coming together in circle.
Schedule - Be sure to show up for your favorite author or band.
Sponsors - Find out about the wonderful people who help support us in this event.
Things to Know - Covers the things you need to know, find out what all of this is about.
Vendors - See the list of participating Pagan merchants, Seers and Spiritual Healers.
Volunteers - The place to go for information about helping out. Good for your soul and for meeting your community.

Book of Shadows - This is the home of all the pages sharing just some of the things we teach about as a coven.

Book Lists - Here is a list for reading in many areas. There are also a few great CDs on there as well.
The Burning Times - Find out exactly what happened, as far as any can tell, during that painful time in history for both witch and mundane alike.
Coven or Not - "Looking at Yourself". Working Solitary, considering a group or coven or starting your own, then heres some things to seriously consdier.
Creating Fulfillment - A meditation ritual on creating fulfillment.
Creativity - A few choice words on creativity, one of the most important elements of witchcraft.
The Elements - Learn more about the five elements and how to interact with them in the world around us.
Honoring Your Path - A few questions to help you assess where you are on your path.
Love and Pleasure - "The Etiquette and Ethics of Wiccan Sexuality.
Mercury Retrograde - That time of the year when nothing goes right.
Pagan Manners - "Common Sense" manners for all who attend pagan events. To do's and not to do's.
Psychics Trick or Treat - Choosing a psychic, what to ask & what to expect & watch for.
Rites of Passage - Rites of passage happen to us throughout our lives. Here we share some ways people like to celebrate these special occasions.

Coming of Age for a Girl - A ritual to mark the onset a girl's womanhood.
Final Passages - Items to help with this often difficult time.
Handfastings - A time of union and often great ritual.
Midlife/Crone - A time too often left uncelebrated.

Tarot - Here are some basics that will help you read almost any deck, plus a guide to caring for your cards.
The Sabbats - A page for both information on the sabbats and a look back at some of our old celebrations.

Halloween and the Danse Macabre - A brief history lesson on one of the best holidays of the year.
Lughnassadh 2005 - The original information on our celebration plus some lovely words from two of the event leaders.
Lughnassadh 2006 - The information on our past celebration.
Samhain 2006 - The information on our past celebration.
Lughnassadh 2007 - The information on our past celebration.
Samhain 2007 - The information on our past celebration.

Other Ingredients - This page is the home for all the things we would like to share are of a more general nature, things we are interested in but aren't necessarily coven or teaching related.

The ABCs of Pagan Parenting - Some advice to those raising little pagans.
Cornucopia - Greater Sacramento Pagan Food Locker
Secrets of the Inner Circle - An essay on how to break in to the Pagan community.
Just for Fun - Even the goddess laughs now and again.
Links - Here you will find the groups where we discuss almost everything and the sites of some friends of the coven.
Pagan Military - Pagans are serving our country in the military and we have dedicated this page to sharing with others what they can do to help them out however they can.

Brave and Strong Soldiers - A song by WinterSky to tug at the heart.
Symbol Song - A song in support of the Pentacle Quest by Celia.
Pentacle Quest - Dedication of the First Pentacle Plaque - Read WinterSky's account of the dedication of Sgt. Patrick Stewart's pentacle plaque.

Moon Phases - All the dates for the new and full moons of the year. Plus, some interesting facts and sites about the moon for all those lunatics out there :)
Pagans Who Care - A page dedicated to those who have shown passion about improving their community.
Coven Quizzes - Test your knowledge about a wide variety of pagan topics.

Astrology Quiz
Beltane Quiz
Book Quiz
Color Quiz
Divination Quiz
Gods and Goddesses Quiz
Gods and Goddesses 2 Quiz
Gods and Goddesses 3 Quiz
Gods and Goddesses 4 Quiz
Gods and Goddesses 5 Quiz
Magick Quiz
Masks and Dances Quiz
Moon Quiz
Mystical Animals Quiz
Symbols Quiz
Tarot Quiz
Wicca Quiz
Witchcraft Quiz
Witchcraft 2 Quiz
Yule Quiz

Supply Stores - A list of Pagan and Pagan friendly stores in the Northern, CA and Reno, NV areas. These are the stores that love to supply us with the witchy things we love to own. We also have a listing here for Crafty Pagans and Pagan Vendors that you can find at most of our local festival and events!



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